Sir Timothy taught on “The Victory that Overcomes the World”; We also had a special guest teaching by Brother Dave Bridwell on the subject of the old testament’s Job. Brother Dave also shared an unusual personal experience regarding his motor home and an angel.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Victory that Overcomes the World”

Sir T shares insights into this special kind of victory.



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Hydrogen fuel cells were thought to bring about clean electric bikes and other transportation changes nearly a decade ago. Where are they and what happened?

First Hydrogen Bike



–Here’s a montage of hundreds of Mayan artifacts that appear to indicate a strong connection with UFO’s and off world contact. You have likely never seen these pieces compiled in one place!




–Gerald Celente of The Trends Journal gives us an insight into his research into trends and events in 2015. He’s an outspoken analyst who sees through mainstream propaganda news.

Gerald Celente – Tommy Schnurmacher show – CJAD – January 5, 2015



–Another very recent UFO demonstration of lights flying in formation. These cases seem to be increasing in frequency and boldness lately. (NSFW WARNING: HAS A BIT OF PROFANITY IN IT, SO BEWARE IF YOU HAVE KIDS AROUND OR WATCHING FROM WORK.)

Watching a UFO From My Roof (UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation)




Guest: Brother Dave Bridwell – “Job & An Angel and a Motorhome”

Brother Dave shares notable thoughts inspired from the book of Job.  Then he shares a personal story about his motorhome, and an angel!



Questions & Comments:

Q: Why all these nasa scientists showing up dead 74 in 2 years now dead?

Q: SirT have you heard about the jacques cousteau’s top secret boat experiment for propulsion top secret. with the tall mast turning a turbine which drove I believe a centrifugal propulsion?

Q: What Happened to the Honda Hydrogen Car??

C: 1 john 1:5,  this then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that GOD is light, and in him is no Darkenss at all

C: When you figure out that the Devil literally controls the top 85 billionaires then it gets real

C: International common law court issued arrest warrents for everyone (Bad guys)

C: building #7 near the world trade center went down later in the evening after the taller tower fell for no good reason. #7 was where huge important fraud investigations like Enron.  … market fraud investigations that is now no longer all evidence destroyed

C: Some have  founded a new government in canada.. called the Republic of Kanata  –  Under the new Republic of Kanata all debt is wiped off. many banks are also endited in the child trafficking and murder..

C: Well, you know how the myth of Atlantis says the city was destroyed by water. What if the city was the entire world. We already know the pre-flood civilization had advanced technology

C: I think Atlantis was more than what we envision it was.  It may have been all over due to world wide relics

C: I thought the Giants were offspring of the Fallen Angels? But I don’t know for sure.  Interesting info tho’ Sir T

C: Cool thing: Jon Gray found was a pin head with machine design on it.   The pin head was found in a burial chamber from long long ago

C: mark yes those giants from generation 6 angels were as big as 36′ tall .

C: Tom some I have inside DOD info were much bigger than 36’…  as much as 80 ft tall… I got my info from a very high General in the DOD……Christian. He doesn’t like Steve Quayle

C: (with regard to the angel testimony by brother Bridwell)  another awesome angel story!!!     I have been in wind like (in) that (account) on towers at great heights and it is hard to work in the wind especially like that.

C: (with regard to the angel testimony by brother Bridwell) That’s an awesome testimony! Makes me want to ask for the angels to due the task at hand that I need AND to come on in and have a conversation with me.



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