Missions and Helping the Poor

Read Mark 16:15-20 (Paraphrased ‘Go into all the world and preach and demonstrate the reality of God’)

In addition to bringing better technologies to the world, and teaching the Good News about Jesus’ saving power, at God’s leading, World Improvement Ministries is busy helping those in need, worldwide. 

Not only getting millions of lost people saved (lives surrendered to God) but also many sick persons healed. 

WITTS does many missions.  The starving are fed, the poor are enriched, the sick are healed, even the dead have been raised in answer to prayer.

This has been documented time and time again in many places, including this website and our weekly internet TV program on Justin TV and Vimeo.

See the pictures and video below for more details.


 This is a small sampling of people that were healed in this ministry:

Sister Arcely Gillera – Healed of severe vocal cord problems – was unable to speak.



Sister Lydia Giermo was healed of Dizziness & Headaches.




In this missions effort, about 7 of these people were healed of various conditions, including arthritis, alzheimers, paralysis from stroke, headaches, nausea, blindness. Most were saved or rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ.



Sister Olympia Gillermo was healed of arthritis and serious hip pain.



Sister Loring Gulermo was healed of knee pain (unable to bend knee.) Her knee became healed and pain free!




Missions to a youth group – healings included: vision restored to 20-20, headaches gone, shoulder pain of 4 yrs gone, poverty fixed, most saved or rededicated their lives to Christ!



Brother Edwin DellaCruuze was healed of severe back pain and serious depression.



Sister Gillerma was healed of severe neck pain.



Brother Loding Gilerma was healed of severe stomach problems (ulcers.)



Sister Janet Galerma was healed of bad high blood pressure.



Brother Bernardo Omso was healed of severe prostate cancer that literally shrunk down to nothing!



Brother Bugs Magiero was healed of severe pain in both legs from an injury.



Brother JR Lapagio was healed of a bad cough (was coughing so much Sir Timothy couldn’t teach.)



Brother Jayson Remegias was healed of emotional turmoil (depression).



Brother MJ Limato was healed of severe jaw pain (toothache.)



Sister Sherley Gamdio was healed of arthritis.



Brother Pransing Gamadi was healed of arthritis and high blood pressure.



Sister Theresita Gitarma was healed of high blood pressure.




Another group of children ministered to – healed of various problems.



Sister Magdalea Salbiateri was healed of low blood pressure and dizziness.




These singers in the church were miraculously healed of various problems.



This dog was healed too! She has a cancers on her skin but now it was cleared! The dog was there when Sir timothy performs healing. People can prove that the dog was healed and every Sunday the dog goes to church!





These women experienced miracles. They were healed from insomnia, high blood pressure, and were healed of addiction to the poisons of coffee and sugar.  A part of Missions Work WITTS does every day.




Sister Cruze was healed of hunchback, her child was healed of a cold.



Wilfredo Dela Crue – Received healing of arthritis, pain in legs, high blood pressure, and emotional healing.



Sister Nancy Del Cruize was healed of Alzheimers and Arthritis.



One Minute About WITTS Ministries: