Independent Engineer Verifications


We have many independent engineer verifications at this time.  (Video and written letters shown below.)

Independent Engineers Verifications – Another Engineer Verifying Over-Unity Using The Flux Switch Transformer
This clip shows Another Independent Verification of some of WITTS’ Technologies. In this test, verified 74W input, and an output in excess of 500W.

“This system was thoroughly tested and measured with many different loads and they all came out to be over unity. Volts X Amps X Power Factor.

Furthermore, this system, being over unity, has been confirmed by 3 independent engineers.

As have been ALL the different systems on this channel.

Millions of people are now benefiting from these technologies.

You are invited to partake of the blessings.

You are welcome to join the cause of real world improvement!”

–Sir T and Team

Independent Engineers Verifications – Reijo Valtonen Verifying Some Surprising Results Using The Battery Quickener
Reijo Valtonen reveals results he witnessed when testing the WITTS Battery Quickener, his own battery, and his own test equipment yielding efficiencies well over 120%! Independent engineers come forward to make public statements or show their own work confirming the legitimacy of WITTS technologies. This clip shows Another Independent Verification of some of WITTS’ Technologies.

Another Independent Verification of WITTS Technologies – Riscalla Stephen 2013
Not only did it run for approximately 15 min, but it charged up 2 very large capacitors during this time to the full 927 volts and it lit up two 40W light bulbs the entire time.

Independent Engineers Verifications – Awesome Mileage Booster
“AWESOME MILEAGE BOOSTER” This mileage booster device is available from the WITTS website as a gift/perk for all who donate to the fundraiser. See for details. Independent engineers come forward to make public statements or show their own work confirming the legitimacy of WITTS technologies. This clip shows Another Independent Verification of some of WITTS’ Technologies.

Independent Engineers Verifications – Electric Generator
Independent engineers come forward to make public statements or show their own work confirming the legitimacy of WITTS technologies. This clip shows Another Independent Verification of some of WITTS’ Technologies. (Re-posted with author’s permission.)

Independent Engineers Verifications. WITTS OverUnity (Chuck Q)
Independent engineers come forward to make public statements confirming the legitimacy of WITTS overunity machines and devices. This clip includes independent engineer Chuck Quiner who has thoroughly examined the various technologies at WITTS and verified them to be working overunity machines. Chuck was so impressed he joined the cause and volunteered to do what he could to spread the message of this humanitarian effort.

Independent Engineers Verifications. WITTS OverUnity (Olin G)

Hands on engineer Olin Geiser. Olin gives a similar testimony to Tim,but carries the added authority of having been directly engaged by WITTS Ministries to develop and build the electronic controllers which manage the operation of a number of their advanced energy machines.


Independent Engineers Verifications. WITTS OverUnity (Steve Smith)
Over 100 Independent Engineers come forward to make public statements confirming the legitimacy of WITTS overunity machines and other high technologies. This clip includes independent engineer Steve Smith who has thoroughly examined devices at WITTS and verified them to be working overunity machines. Steve was so impressed he joined the cause and volunteered to do what he could to spread the message of this humanitarian effort.


WITTS Overunity Independent Verifications (Tim M)

This clip begins with an address by high technology entrepreneur Tim Martin. Tim has a wealth of practical experience with the research and development of working overunity devices. He expresses his amazement here however, at how far Sir Timothy Thrapp and WITTS Ministries have gone, in terms of the full development of practical quantum energy machines.


Independent Engineer’s Verification of Overunity Technology (JT)
You will want to catch the rest of this fascinating experience from Jerry’s Book, FREE ENERGY 101! Available on our gifts page
Jerry has graciously come forward to publicly verify the overunity energy technologies from WITTS.
JT lived at a facility powered by a quantum electric generators including house, shops and barns. He joins us in this humanitarian effort to spread this important message in hopes others will also support the cause.


Another Independent Engineer’s Verification of WITTS Overunity Technology (Glenn)
Glenn is another independent engineer who has reviewed and tested overunity machines developed by WITTS. He’s made this video to help get the message out about this important technology. There are people who keep asking for documentation that these machines are real. WITTS has over a hundred of such documents. This is one.


Testimonial for Daniel Aiello, Master Machinist, Self Taught Electrical Engineer


World Class Engineer Verification of Gravity Motor! (JT)


WITTS Independent Verification # 298 (Richard Lobwein)

This clip features Sir Timothy Thrapp speaking with Richard Lobwein. Richard is an Australian telecommunications specialist who travelled all the way from Down under, especially to inspect and evaluate a range of WITTS advanced energy technologies.

Richard speaks very passionately about the validity of WITTS technolgies and the need for more people to take an active interest in getting them into the mainstream.


WITTS QUEET Testimonial from Independent Researcher Tim Litke 2010 Oct 11

Independent Engineer Verification #304 (QUEET Technology)


Links to a couple examples of mainstream acceptance of what WITTS has been doing for over 100 years:

HD Trailer “Antimatter: The Future is Now” (The first parts of the video from the university, and about what they call “antimatter”)

Introduction to Written Independent Engineer Verifications

To Whom It May Concern:
This declaration is being made to make clear to all interested persons that the extraordinary claims of WITTS are true, valid, and can be duplicated.  Each of the engineers following this statement has personally witnessed the machines in operation, producing energy from space without any standard fuel or other energy input.  Every one of these engineers has had many years of experience and understands how electricity is created and is willing to testify that this is new art and will change the way the world thinks about producing electricity.

Chuck Quiner Engineer

I am an Engineer.  I have been a Engineer for 40 years, plus.  I am also a skeptic.  I know Timothy Thrapp, I have been in his lab numerous times, and I have seen viable demonstrations of his energy conversion technologies.  He has learned how to convert “dominant” energy – energy that exists on this planet and in the universe – into usable electrical power.

I have carefully searched to be sure, there was no hidden wires or energy beaming technology.  There is none!  This technology is real and genuine.

Even after a small (9-volt) battery used to start the “wheels” turning is removed, the system continues to generate power.  Under load, the power output increases.

These same dominant energy sources may be used to break water down into nascent (atomic) hydrogen and oxygen, where it can be recombined in an internal combustion engine with resultant more power in that reaction than is required to break down the water into its elemental parts.  This monatomic gas is also known as Brown’s gas, and there is much published on the viability of the uses of this gas.

Timothy and his engineers have converted vehicles that operate without fuel and without requiring a trunk full of storage batteries – no recharging cable required.  He has provided 40-50 KW generation systems that have been used successfully in providing power for homes or business, eliminating a need to be connected to the electricity supply grid. He or his engineers have built aircraft that require no prop, no jet or rocket engine to fly.

Is this technology new?  I don’t think so.  Tesla knew and understood this kind of energy.  Others, too.  It is time to harness this energy on a grand scale.  It is time to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels.  It is time to eliminate dependence on an antiquated power distribution system whose failures cause massive power outages and disrupt peoples’ lives.  Fossil fuels, or any other combustible energy source other than “Brown’s Gas” cause pollution and harm this planet.

We have all seen one form of “dominant” energy – lightning. Billions of watts of power light up the sky during a good thunderstorm. Think about  harnessing just that one form of “dominant” energy.  Timothy Thrapp and his associates have developed technology to accomplish this.

Chuck Quiner

Canal Fulton, OH

Stephen Smith Analyst

To whom it may concern,

From time to time you encounter people that cross your path that have the possibility to change the world.  I have met this man and believe after seeing in person the experiments he has shown to me demonstrating his creative genius in the field of harnessing energy for the people of this world.  His name is Timothy Thrapp and does his experimental work under on organization of like minded scientists called WITTS.  World Improvement Through the Spirit.

I have I have watched the machines he has developed run for an extended period of time without being attached to a conductor to an outside power source and watched the machine generate more and more power while monitoring the experiment on a voltage meter.  One thing that amazed me is that within the circuit that was being demonstrated was a rubber length that was part of the circuit.

I am an analyst with a 30 year history of testing and proving theory and I know enough to know what I was seeing was extraordinary!  Next I was told to hold the rubberized section of the circuit, and I could feel the current being passed through the  rubber.

Conventional theory tells us that this is not possible. Test equipment clearly showed the rubberized section to be in the tens of mega ohms resistance level! I am a witness to the fact that what I was seeing and feeling was not conventional.

After watching, and testing, many of the demonstration first hand and in real life, as an eye witness, (these same recorded demos now posted on you tube and elsewhere, where you can watch for free) I am convinced that this research should be developed and used for the betterment of all mankind!  This man and his organization is worthy of consideration for research and development funding by any and all that would like to contribute to a vital need to produce and provide a new energy source for a new generation.

Stephen R. Smith


James Lawrence EE PhD IBM

To everyone on the planet,
I am James Lawrence PhD.

I have been an electrical engineer for 37 years. During that time I have been an adviser to 2 presidents and worked as assistant director of research for IBM.

I first heard of WITTS Ministries in 1988, so I have known the scientists there for approximately 15 years now. I can testify that they are of the highest moral caliber.

I have visited their labs on many occasions and have always been impressed with their sheer genius in all fields relating to physics!

I can also tell you unequivocally that they are the most advanced organization on the planet as far as technology goes!

I have personally witnessed 20 MEGAWATTS of electrical energy being produced from the quantum.  ZERO FUEL! ZERO POLLUTION!  And the device producing the power was no bigger then a chest of drawers!

I have also witnessed their propulsion technology lifting over 20 tons of weight, vertically, while only consuming about 3 horse power. I have witnessed another version of this technology that was 100% man powered. And flown through the air. I am convinced that this device is far more efficient then airplanes or helicopters.

I have also witnessed time dilation fields showing approximately 1000 to one time dilation. This technology has been demonstrated as being able to go in either direction. One direction at a time (Dual-temporal capabilities).

I have witnessed and tested many other technologies including, but not limited to, Room temperature super conductors, negative resistance wire and other negative resistance devices, polyphasic materials, emorphisms, new techniques for molecular engineering, atomic engineering, and quantum engineering.

I have thoroughly tested these technologies and am completely convinced there was no trickery involved. As state previously, these people are honest and open and plain and strait forward, people.

WITTS Ministries has more technology in a shoebox in their closet, then the whole S&P 500 does, put together!

This may be a slight over statement, but I know that unless things are over stated a little, the important things never come to light!  They have the SOLUTIONS TO THE WORLDS PROBLEMS.


Everyone reading this needs to get behind this (WITTS) Ministry and support this cause.


James Lawrence PhD


Tim Martin R&D Entr.

March 5, 2009

To Whom it may Concern:

I have been a technology entrepreneur and engineer for nearly 30 years. For eight years I have had the opportunity to educate myself and explore alternative science full time in search of solutions to energy and other pressing problems facing the planet. For nearly five years I’ve been actively building and replicating permanent magnet pulse motors and generators. This involved significant comprehension of testing and test equipment. In all those years I’ve never seen anything that compares with what the scientists of WITTS ministry have accomplished.

Most people don’t have the time or resources to begin to re-educate themselves about what is really possible in this world. WITTS has resurrected the forgotten/suppressed knowledge of the past from great and often maligned scientists like Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, and John Keely.

Over the last year I’ve come to know the ministry’s current spokesperson, Sir Timothy Thrapp, and found him to be completely honest and genuine. Upon thorough examination of the various technologies I’ve been shown, I have no doubt it is absolutely real and functional.  I absolutely believe the intentions of the ministry are truly focused on helping our world become a better place.

The technology WITTS is offering to this world, right now, is far more advanced and better than what we were imagining as kids when we speculated what the 21st century would be like.

We must do whatever it takes to help WITTS succeed in delivering what the world so desperately needs now. We must stop the seemingly endless debates on global warming, ozone, oil depletion, pollution, etc., which only serves to divide and distract us from what’s important. We must join together to make this happen, for ourselves, our children, and our home – mother earth.

Tim Martin

David Ault

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a master machinist and self-taught mechanical engineer having over 30 years experience in building and rebuilding machines of all kinds. I have worked for the U. S. military building high-tech weapons, tomahawk missiles, nuclear power sources, etc.

I have examined and tested W.I.T.s energy machines and am thoroughly convinced that they are genuine.

I really believe Sir Timothy Thrapp is a modern day Nicola Tesla!

David A. Ault
Ault Engineering and Consulting
San Francisco, CA


Michael Marino

A science is emerging in the world today that is called, space energy, or “Free Energy”.

Many people around the world are making electricity without burning fuel, which ordinary science says is impossible. However, a leader in this field, Dr. Timothy Thrapp, who I have known for about 2 years, has proved that it can be done, and I have seen it myself… it’s real.

Conventional scientists who scoff at this claim are in for the same surprise that shook the world when the Wright brothers took to the air, and Dr. Nikola Tesla sent electricity long distances with Alternating Current. I’m referring to tangible hardware that is available today, that can be and has been confirmed by Electrical Engineers.

I began my pursuit of this esoteric subject about 16 years ago after reading an article in Simply Living from Australia by retired airline captain Bruce Cathie who described how the prodigal genius Dr. Tesla was about to introduce this same technology, as amazing as it may sound, in the early 20th century, but the big money interests who controlled his life would not allow it to happen. In 1986 in Germany, Hans Nieper M.D. wrote the book, Conversion of Gravity Field Energy, Revolution In Technology, Medicine, and Society, and also started the German Association of Gravity Field Energy. In 1987 I attended his Annual Congress in Hannover where I met several people from around the world who were pursuing this goal. Two years later inspired by this event, I co-founded the Space Energy Association with my friend Donald Kelly to promote the development of this technology, and I’m happy to say that we found a man who has duplicated Dr. Tesla’s dream, and his name is Timothy Thrapp.

He’s a big burly guy, who by his seventeenth birthday had built 17 houses, and then decided to go back to school to study Electrical Engineering. Along the way he met other engineers with the same dream, and together they finally succeeded in doing the “impossible”.  Today, with their inventions, we are at the dawn of an age of abundant energy in which the world will flourish as never before.

I have been to the lab. I have thoroughly checked out these devices & they are real!  These devices are over unity!

Energy from space, in unlimited quantities, for warmth, industrial production, transportation, irrigation, communications, desalinization, and the vast myriad of applications that make our complex world today. The dream is real and soon the whole world will be talking about it.

Michael Marino
April 2, 2003


Daniel Aiello R&D Aerospace

From Daniel Aiello, Milpitas, California:

I witnessed over unity devices at one of W.I.T.T.S labs and at other facilities. The “Delay line motor” had fifty 9 volt batteries. Using a volt meter, the batteries measured 8.3 volts each, before starting the demo. During the demo the motor/generator was powering 2 florescent bulbs (25 watts each – approximately 1/2 x 6 inches each) and after running approximately 3 minutes, I measured batteries at 10.1 volts clearly demonstrating over unity.

Not only did I see the voltage going up but I also saw the amperage changing from negative to positive once the machine was started clearly showing the batteries being charged rather than depleted.
I also observed the same machine running and lighting lights FOR OVER A HOUR, WITH NO BATTERIES AT ALL! The batteries were completely removed from the circuit!

I also witnessed a “Brown’s gas Torch” 110 AC, that produces 3000 liters per hour which is far better than other Brown’s gas welders that use 210 AC; using more watts and producing only 2000 liters per hour. Also there is a big difference in weight. W.I.T.s’ was approximately half the weight and produced gas far more efficiency.

At two other locations I witnessed two separate houses operating on Stage III, zero point energy. The generators operating continuously, with no moving parts. The houses were each consuming at least 5000 watts of energy, each from their respective devices.

My qualifications: Prototype research and development machinist and manufacturing specialist. At United Technologies I doubled their production of the inside diameter operation of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile Booster; later worked as a propellant machinist. At AB Tools I made specialized cutting tools for FMC, Lockheed, Boeing, and NASA. Also, have worked with exotic materials such as cobalt, super inbar, boron, samarium, ruthenium, vanadium, calcium, cerium, terbium, tantalum, neodymium, DOD Level II security clearance and bondable. Worked for SLAC (Stanford Linear Acceleration) as a mechanical installation technician, – manufactured electro-magnets.

Limits Are Unlimited, Inc.


G Fisher R&D IBM

From G. Fisher, Clearwater, Florida

This letter is written to all who are interested in the continuation of Cosmic Energy research and development. (As pioneered by the late Dr. T. Henry Moray.)

As you may know, Dr. Moray had advanced a portable solid state energy device that could produce 50,000 watts of power on demand for years at a time with no apparent input.

For the last 32 months I have had the privilege and honor of working with Timothy Thrapp and some of his close associates and have thoroughly tested many of his devices and theories. I am thoroughly convinced that he has the answers to the energy problems of today. Of all the people I’ve personally met, I have never been so impressed with what any one man has accomplished. I am equally as impressed with what he has endured.

I feel I am competent to make this validation of over unity as I have invented and co-invented over 100 devices. Many of these have been patented. Several of these are energy related devices.

I am a graduate of Brigham Young University. I graduated with honors and even taught at B.Y.U. for a couple of years. Then later I went to work at IBM (before it was called that) where I was head of their Research and Development department for 15 years plus.

I am confident that W.I.T.T.S. can do what Dr. Moray did and perhaps more.

G. Fisher
President & CEO
Fisher Technologies

Howard Powers Engineer


Howard Arthur Thomas Powers (rejuvenation engineer)
20 Quinn Avenue
Freedom CA 95019

To Whom it may Concern,

There is no question that World Improvement Technologies, led by their spokesman Sir Timothy Thrapp, will be in the forefront of viable technologies, in the 21st century. It is only the domination of science, technology and government by the fossil fuels industry, that is preventing revolutionary sources of free energy, from entering the marketplace.

To anybody with an open mind, there is no doubt that truth in astrophysics and physics, is only to be found, in the newsletters created by “Common Sense Science”, a small group of retired engineers in Roswell GA, USA. Using a 1913 theory concerning the electromagnetic nature of spinning electrons and protons, a new science has been created, explaining all known phenomena, including gravity and anti-gravity.

Relativity and quantum mechanics will soon be relegated to the dustbin of history, along with Ptolomaic planetary epicycles and phlogiston. The sixty atomic particles derived by physicists from atom-smashing experiments, in the hope of creating a “theory of everything”, will be forgotten, once the textbooks are rewritten. Science has become the worst kind of religion, because Albert Einstein recklessly-decided to ignore the aether. Although he originated quantum mechanics, he never believed in it. “God does not play dice with the universe.”

All we need now is $6 gas. Note what $3 gas has done for hybrid cars!

Howard Arthur Thomas Powers
Engineer for over 40 years.


Craig Williams MS CalTech

This letter is to validate the claims harnessing cosmic energy as have been rumored at WITTS labs.
I have visited there on several different occasions, and every time been more impressed than the previous visit.  I have carefully tested and look for any indications of deception.  I have found none!  Also I have seen one demo miles from any civilization.

In my expert opinion what they have is genuine, and could go a long way to eliminate many of the problems in the world.

My background and work is in electrical engineering.  I hold a Masters from Cal Tech.

Craig Williams
Chief Engineer
Aber Engineering
Cleveland, OHIO

Jimmy Reed

To Whom It May Concern:

I have over 20 years of electrical and electronic experience, have fixed everything from toasters to military aircraft, am an expert on data control systems, have a degree in electronics and self taught in electrical engineering.

I visited one of WITTS labs in June.  I was blown away! Clearly over unity!

Jimmy Reed
Plano, Texas


From JT, San Jose, California

I am JT, a graduate Electrical Engineer with a BS degree in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. I have been exploring Alternative Sciences for the last 20 years and I am also an inventor. I have been directly shown, six, separate, working devices at W.I.T.s laboratories. The devices were directly observed by me to be producing far more useful output energy than they were consuming.

Up to this point in time, I have not seen anything from anyone, anywhere, that has produced useful amounts of energy in excess of the energy put into the devices. AND I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SUCH, IN EXCESS OF TEN YEARS!

At Timothy’s insistence I thoroughly searched the whole building and even the area outside for any type of beaming or induction or other technology that might account for the large excess power I was observing. I COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING! I saw no evidence of trickery or hidden technologies that could be transmitting or sending any forms of energies to the devices that were to be working.

These devices are genuine!

Furthermore, I have had the privilege of discussing many of the inventions with Mr. Timothy Thrapp and I have been very impressed with his working knowledge and experience as related to the many devices he has explored and built.

Again, I have been impressed by his thoroughness in his experiments and his investigations into the many inventions. He seems to be one of the few that I have met who applied himself far and above others to achieve the results that he has obtained.

In summary, I feel that I have been shown and have witnessed at least six devices that does in fact produce more output energy that the energy that goes into them from any man-made source. This outside source (Cosmic) of energy seems to be providing the energy for all of us to use in practical, reproducible devices that could be made available to anyone and everyone on the planet. This is something we all need to help with and be involved with.

Jan. 12 2002

John Anonymous 

Dear ———,

I would like to reply to the questions and unfounded accusations directed toward World Improvement Through The Spirit (WITTS) Ministries, as the person who wrote those remarks is 180 degrees wrong on almost every point that he stated.

WITTS is at the forefront of this alternative energy field. Having been started by Brother Michael Faraday almost 200 years ago, They, for the first 180 years were, almost, the only organization financing, promoting and developing and bringing life saving technologies into the world. (At great persecution and hardship to themselves)

They are not interested in “showing off”, as the miss-information presented, so foolishly put it. If you would even read the write ups on their videos or talk to one of them, you would see quite clearly that they are honestly doing their best to make home power units as well as the knowledge available to the common man.

They are the only one who have anything over unity in mass production. And they have been giving away their power chips (QUEET) at a loss to themselves(financially) for the last 13 years that their factory has been in operation!

And No, their stuff is not low tech. So he is wrong on that point also. As a engineer (PhD) specializing in metallurgy and nano-circuitry, I can tell you that most of WITTS technologies are very high tech, and need much specialized machinery and processes to produce. (Even their power chips that they give away for 13 yrs now, called QUEET. Quantum Energy Enhancement Technology)

The few that they do have that are easy to build, they give away free plans and free consultations as part of their current fundraiser for real world improvement. (Including a factory to mass produce home power units)

Having worked with the WITTS Team on several projects now, I have always found them to be some of the most honest and hardworking people, freely sharing of their knowledge, time and resources more then any organization, of any people, I have ever met.

I am honored when they call me brother. I have found no “desire for silver”, as was said, or any religions prejudice or judgment of any kind.

You have only to listen to one or 2 of their weekly broadcasts on to see this for yourself.

I am honored that they call me brother. And they welcome anyone and everyone to help with this cause of real world improvement! Regardless of their religious background.

I sincerely hope this helps clear up your mental confusion.

You can also watch their demos and find a huge amount of free info on their website

John Anonymous

Thomas Judd EE

From Thomas Judd, Salt Lake City, Utah

To whom it may concern.

I am a graduate of Brigham Young University.  I am an E.E. with over 32 years experience in the electrical industry.  I am also an inventor and holder of 12 U.S. and other patents.

WITTS machines are the most amazing things I have ever had the pleasure of testing.  Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P.) of infinity on one electrical generator, lights that light up with no apparent source, heaters with C.O.P. over 500.  WOW!

Thomas Judd


Jeremiah Miller EE MIT

I am a graduate of M.I.T. Masters in electrical engineering. I am also in research and development for alternative energy now for 6 years and have a number of inventions under development.

I visited Wits Lab last week and I was very impressed by what I saw! Timothy & his engineers have over unity down to a science!

I have thoroughly examined everything I saw and am sure there was no trickery.


Jeremiah Miller 3/1/95
Millersburg Electronics


Jan Osterud

From: Jan Osterud
Date: Sunday, March 8, 2009, 11:37 AM

This is just a little note to everyone who has watched the “900 watt generator” video on youtube and is wondering what is behind this video.  After doing more google searches, hearing an audio interview with “James Robey”, making email contacts with the email address given, I saw and heard a man that I felt was honest and humble in what he was presenting.

I decided to donate and have a consultation.  I was more than amazed to discover that I would be talking to the man that was on the video. (Shocking in this day and age.)

I donated for a half hour session, but he consulted with me for an hour. (Shocking for this day and age of getting extra for what you pay for!)

(Oh, and there’s also another bonus for donating which went beyond your donation.)  I realized after the session that my ideas for what we can do to clean up our enviornment was far short of what can really be done.  The consultation was geared to where I was in my understanding.  A humble man that definitely encouraged me!

I encourage anyone and everyone to have a least one consultation and to donate to and for a Organization who will amaze you at what can be done for this earth, if we all get behind it! I plan to keep donating and am looking forward to another consultation!

Sincerely Jan Osterud


M Gullberg M.Sc 

Dear Timothy,

I very much enjoyed our consultation and I believe you are a world class engineer in free energy research just like Tesla, Faraday, Keely, Gray, Meyl etc.

Thanks for your kind words but I am still just a beginner in this field and did not achieve anything so far. I am an engineering physicist(M.Sc) and I went to the best engineering school in this country and my colleagues here are top notch engineers. Still we are very inexperienced. However I believe if you have enough passion you can learn anything and my true passion is for this field. Exotic electronics was not my specialty but I try to make it mine…

I have studied Tesla, Moray, Meyl, Gray, Meyer, Stubblefield(polar energy here we go with SS – Cu layers) and a few more. But I have been careful when I choose who I am listening to, I avoided Bearden, Lee, XXXXXX(I believe what he has done is not much) and XXXXXX(how did he become an expert?).

I take the liberty to tell you that after this hour of consultation everything feels a lot clearer about your water heater, thanks again! In fact, as a sidenote due to my passion for this(no need to answer until next time we speak) I believe your system has similarity to patent 685.957 from Tesla, figure 4 sounds like your system with some adjustments on the generator, charging side(3 caps and 3 coils(in series), each LC in parallell possibly connected on the primary side of things), Tesla just uses one LC-pair on the primary side and the receiver side of course is different, also the ground is included in his and your system I believe to one side of caps. I may be completely wrong but I am very excited about your ideas and will go forward from here with some tests. I knew our system missed some things(ie the cap part) but our SS coil is in fact working as the L side and the Cu coil is working like a cap when you increase frequency and they discharge differently with HV from Cu coil and L from SS. Well, well, all that is speculation of course… 🙂

However as I said my main objective is to learn as much as possible asap and help bring this technology out to inspire the life of many people. I am not in this field to get power and wealth, wealth will come automatically if you work hard and in the right way with this technology. I really have no interest in those things other than to get some money to be able to continue R&D to build better things. On a sidenote I am very interested in Schappeler and the Ur device too, spinning spheres will be my next thing to investigate after this. And since I sell water heat pumps and tanks the water heater sounds like “my thing” to start with…

Let’s schedule a new conference call in a month or so! I get back to you in due time.

Thanks for now.

Take care!

M Gullberg


Thomas Zolper M.S.M.E.


To whom it may concern,

The Motor/Generator prototypes demonstrated by Sir Timothy Thrapp of WITTS appear to utilize a hitherto unrecognized manifestation of electromagnetism. The incognizance of this phenomenon in mainstream physics may cause doubts concerning validity but other demonstrations of prior prototype developments alleviate any doubts!

While full confidence of functionality could occur with full dis-assembly and disclosure of proprietary aspects, the technical knowledge of Thrapp attests to his capability.

This technology represents a viable alternative in supplying the increasing global energy demand and merits further development!

Thomas Zolper  M.S.M.E. (Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering)


O Geiser

To whom it may concern:

I have worked in the service industry for 35 years repairing electrical and electronic systems.  I have also worked with computers, networking and programming for the past 25 years.

I have visited WITS Lab and have seen several technologies that were over unity.

I was able to inspect to my satisfaction that there were no hidden wires or components.  I am convinced these technologies work and are viable for now and the future.

O Geiser          28-Jan-09

Dr Susan Watson

May 8, 2003

To all members of WITTS Ministries,

Greetings in the Name of Jesus! I trust that His blessing is continuing to flow.

I apologize for the delay in getting you this letter, but I have been out of town recently and quite busy when I am in town. God is so faithful! Doors have opened to go to Brazil in July, Thailand in August and India in October – all to minister to pastors and to lead healing services. I would appreciate your prayer for the finances to continue to coming, so the airfare will be covered. I have not doubts God is moving worldwide, and moving in great power. May He receive more glory than ever in the history of the church!!!!

It has been my privilege to know Timothy for approximately two years. In all my dealings with him, integrity, responsibility and diligence were clearly evident.

Timothy not only teaches of his faith, but demonstrates a lifestyle that proves the integration of Biblical principles into his way of life and all he does. His love for Christ is also evident in his commitment to find God’s ways for providing for even our practical needs, such as electrical power.

The combination of his professional expertise and reliance upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom creates a fresh and effective approach.

May the Blessing of Jesus be yours,

Dr. Susan Watson

Will Wilson EE MIT

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a graduate of M.I.T. with a masters in electrical engineering.  I have operated my own successful business in office equipment, sales, service, and computer programming for the past sixteen years.  I have seen and tested Mr. Thrapp’s machines and am thoroughly convinced that what W.I.T.s has accomplished, is real and could change the planet.  I place Mr. Thrapp on par with Nicola Tesla and John Keely. W.I.T.s has the solutions!

On a personal note, I have known Timothy Thrapp for thirteen years and know him to be honest and trustworthy.


Will Wilson
August 16, 1999
Twin City Engineering, Inc.

Norman Va 

This is just the beginning of the story so hang in there with me.

Elizabeth’s best friend is a scientist by the name of Daniel Aiello. In his light hearted manner he told me, “if you think Elizabeth’s stuff is advanced let me introduce you to something that will really rock your world.” Daniel proceeded with a demonstration on combusting ordinary tap water.

He also gave me a video explaining alternative energy technologies (“The Race to Zero Point”) which made a very good case for the existence of technologies that can harness energy from the fabric of space. I was convinced enough by what I saw to forward the video and info to Ron Burkle and Tom McFarlan believing that they might connect with the material in some way. (I did not hear back from either – not surprising considering the nature of the subject matter.)

Through Daniel, I was recently put in touch with Sir Timothy Thrapp who is considered by those in his field, to be the top private sector scientist.

He is also the spokesman for a very advanced group of scientists and inventors. (WITTS Ministries) These scientists are currently focusing on Quantum Energy technologies (also known as “free energy”, “over unity”, “zero point”, and radiant/dominant energy). After several phone conversations with Sir Timothy, I was invited to his private laboratory to witness his technologies first hand.

Last week I made the journey to Ohio and I can’t even begin to tell you what I experienced. Not only did I see several different applications of the alternative energy technologies but I was made privy to the inside world of what I can only describe as the “the” greatest hope for our future.

I saw motors running from nothing more than the energy that exists in the air. I saw ordinary incandescent light bulbs lighting up without any power source connected to them other than what was being transmitted through the air waves similar to how a radio picks up its signal). I saw another motor running on cosmic energy that was charging batteries (ie. it was storing energy acquired from a “free” source that could be used later for direct current applications). Another device produced a substantial amount of heat from the “cosmic” source. Timothy also has a “gravity motor” that powers an entire house, a Stage 3 device that he has tested up to 1 million watts output, a motor that runs totally on water and air (exhaust is oxygen, water and air), and the list goes on.

After experiencing his inventions, Timothy and I sat and shared the history behind the science. Apparently the technology has been around since World War II (ref: “The Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook published in August) – the Germans were well along with creating working models at the close of the war. Tesla, T. Henry Moray, and others worked with similar concepts over the last 100 years (ref: “tapping the Zero-Point Energy” by Moray King, 1989). And, the U.S. government has been actively involved with these technologies for at least 40+ years in the inner circles of the aerospace industry (ref: Lockheed Skunk works)

I was not only blown away by the demo but by the sincere nature of the inventor. Timothy is a man who comes totally from his heart. He is also a Christian minister who clearly is focused on God’s will. Timothy is not driven by money even though he what I consider to be the golden egg. Although he has invested millions in his work, under the right circumstances Timothy is willing to GIVE the technology to someone with the right intentions. His main objective at this point is to make sure the free energy devices are manufactured and distributed to the planetary citizenry, in an affordable manner.

If I had not witnessed the technology myself, I would have dismissed all of this as just more new age propaganda. Since my visit to the lab and subsequent research and inquiries, I have decided to do whatever is in my power to help get Timothy’s gift of free energy technology into the right hands so that it can be delivered to the masses.

I recognize that it may be difficult to convince others that such technology exists and it may be equally challenging to go up against the status quo (one’s imagination can run wild thinking of the global consequences of free energy including how it would effect the balance of power), pparticularly in oil producing countries, curtailment of pollution plus the answer to cleaning up existing pollution, transportation, agriculture, not to mention virtually every other problem facing mankind with the exception of over population and spiritual bankruptcy). Regardless of what lies ahead, I am committed and that, in itself, should tell you a lot about this project.

OK, so why this message to you?

You and I have worked on many levels together and in many ways you know me better than anyone else. You know my convictions, you know my strengths, and you know my weaknesses, I want you to be able to convey that knowingness to other should it be necessary. In addition, I intend to reach out in any and every way possible to find others who can help move this project along. I want to put the message in front of individuals who just might take one day out of their lives to visit WITTS. I am thinking of those I have mentioned above as well as others such as Sybil, Opra, Anne-Marie, Ted Turner, and the dear Ciprani’s from Brazil.

In closing, whatever shall be shall be, but I am willing to put it all on the line to turn things around on this planet. I simply cannot imagine, nor am I willing to accept, what we will face if mankind continues going in the direction now headed.

From My Heart, Norm

Norman Va

Emery Beachy

Dated: Jan 23rd, 2010

To all whom it may concern and who are interested in safe, efficient energy production.

My interest has been in this field for over 45 years, especially in researching energy sources that are safe, renewable, affordable, and not controlled by only a few.

My visit with Sir Timothy Thrapp (spokesman for WITTS) has been very interesting and informative and shall we say “eye opening”.

Having studied the work of Nicola Tesla and many others in this field, and knowing that these pioneers had past on and perhaps their knowledge had gone with them, it was refreshing to find that this knowledge is alive and well and being added to!

I have personally witnessed demonstrations by Sir Timothy, even participating in them. I could find no evidence of any deception or fraud, but rather openness and knowledge of what he is working with.

As a Christian, I would recommend to all people to consider these methods and inventions for further development and implementation.


Emery Beachy


Glen Bender Minister/Bishop

Dated 1/23/2010

To whom it may concern,

I have been a Mennonite Minister and Bishop for almost 50 years, with many years of travel and experience. I come from a farming background.

Over the years I have studied and read much of Tesla, Depalma, Rory Johnson, Edwin Gray, John Keely and many others that I have personally visited with and saw their demonstrations.

The concept of free energy and over-unity I have believed in for many years, as anyone with an observant mind can see and understand, that the whole universe is in constant motion and harmony.

I have experimented with magnets, gravity machines and other devices.

In the past few days, spent here with Timothy Thrapp in WITTS lab, I have observed different devices in operation, with no outside sources of conventional energy coming in and producing useful amounts of power.

I am convinced of the validity of these devices, as they are testimonials to the work that has been done in former years by others. There definitely is a energy source in nature that has not been utilized on a larger scale, up until the present time.

There does need to be more work done in this area to develop more working prototypes and to introduce the concepts to the public mind.

Glen Bender Age 70


John Maughan QUEET user

Unsolicited email

My sister and I have had amazing results with the QUEET. My dad was experiencing some lower back pain around lunchtime. He made an offhand comment of how it was bothering him, so I asked him about it more specifically. He said the pain wasn’t terrible, but it was obviously enough that he commented on it. We put one of the QUEET strips on his lower back with a band-aid. In five minutes I asked him to check the pain, and he said there was a noticeable decrease. I know my dad tends to be rather skeptical, so he would only say so if there really were a difference. He left it on for the rest of his lunch break, and when he got ready to go back to work, the pain was entirely gone.

John Maughan          30-Mar-10


Gas Bill

This is an actual natural gas bill for a building being heated by the over unity water heater.


John McDonald PhD

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I was told about the technology that Timothy Thrapp and his associates had developed.  Not that I doubted what a friend of mine had recently seen in the WITTS lab but I wondered if it wasn’t just a setup.  However, when I personally visited the lab with representatives of the Wege Foundation, I was thoroughly impressed.  The devices we saw produced more energy than was expended and the “Brown’s gas” torch defied anything I knew about welding.

When the four of us left the lab, no one in the car really spoke for awhile as we were in awe!  I went home and informed a few friends as to what I had seen and was met with looks of disbelief.  I did not see any way the experiments could have been faked.  Timothy allowed us to look around for hidden wires and batteries and they were not to be found.  There were no mysterious boxes and the circuitry and all parts were all in the open.

This is the revolution the world needs!  Timothy’s group has opened the door to the distant future.

Based on what I personally saw, I believe free energy is available and Timothy & his associates have the ability to produce as much as the world needs.  It will take people who are not afraid to witness these experiments, and then speak out and let the world know what is here, right now!

John McDonald, Ph.D.


Electric Bill

This is an actual electric bill for a building using a fuel-less quantum electric generator.


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