Getting Started


Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!  Thank you for your interest and your words of encouragement!  Study everything on the website, That is your first step.  Whether you want plans, consultations, demos, manufacturing rights, or a gift of any kind,  for your self or for others, your second step is to pray about it.   If God is leading your heart to donate to this fundraiser, then do as God leads.Those who donate, may request Gifts.  But if you are only donating to get a gift, then DO NOT donate.  Donations can only be blessed if they are given with a sincere desire to help this life saving cause, of real world improvement!

So again, pray about it and listen to your heart.  DO as God leads your heart (do not be motivated by greed or selfishness or any such thing.)For everyone, we highly recommend that the first Gift you request is a consultation! (It is the first gift on Gifts page.)Or better yet, sign up to be a Covenant Partner!

Lots of special benefits to you and to the whole world!  And to your children and your grandchildren!

Together we can make a brighter, better tomorrow! For all!

Lets work together to put a end to pollution worldwide!

Lets make clean, free, abundant energy available for all!

Lets make clean water abundant and affordable!

Lets make healthy food abundant and affordable!

God Bless You!

In Gods Love…

The World Improvement Team.


Get Started Now! 

If you want to help make alternative energy a reality in your home and your car, your first step is to STUDY this website thoroughly.

If you do a good job with step one, it will be obvious to you then, what your second step is.