Received by WITTS the week of June 22, 2012…

Good day brothers in Christ, thanks for the tips with the pyramid. since i was lead to your site 2 months ago i have been learning so much from sir t’s shows. up to # 50 now. i am learning to build my spirit man and applying what i am learning in the world. recently my brother in law had terible pain from kidney stones. i felt that i should lay hands on him and command the pain to stop. i didn’t have the time to teach him much about the healing power of God at the time because they rushed him to the hospital and shot him up with morphine. but afterwards i was able to give him some cds from thurman shiver on healing and gave him my queet. i told him to put it where the pain is. i spoke to him 2 days later and he told me that the pain was totally gone. bfore i gave him the queet he was taking 8 percasets a day and still had pain. i just wanted to let you know that your ministry is a blessing to the world. i know i am a new covenant partner and have requested alot of stuff from your ministry already but if you can send me another queet i would be very happy. there is so many other things i would like to get from you but in time all good things come. also the Lord has put me in a good investment and when it comes to fruition i plan on making a very large donation to help you help the world. thanks again for your help,

God bless!

Brother Frank Adamo


Received by WITTS the week of Sept 19, 2011…

My sister had a sharp headache and came to me asking to try a QUEET.  I had one I could let her use, so she held it up to her head.  I found her about a half hour later and asked if it had helped. “Oh yes!” she said.  “The pain was gone in less than 60 seconds!” she said excitedly.   So, yes, it still works! 

Thanks WITTS!

Tim Litke

Received by WITTS the week of Sept 19, 2011…

…I also am happy to report that i experienced good results from using the QUEET this weekend. My fingers on my left hand had become very sore with arthritis. I energized the QUEET and placed it on them and the rather severe pain left in less than a half hour! … Pretty neat!

I’m excited to begin what i hope to be a long partnership with WITTS.

I would also like to request the gift of the “Flux Switch Transformer” plans.

Have a blessed day,

dave turner.

Received by WITTS the week of April 17, 2011…
Hello brother Timothy,
Just wanted to let you know that the QUEET, when placed on the top of my head, helps me fall asleep in about 5 minutes. I have insomnia, and this device helps me overcome that when I program it properly.
Thanks so much!!
Raul, Tracy, CA
Received by WITTS the week of April 2, 2011…

Dear WITTS Brothers in Christ:

I wanted to share a few of my QUEET experiences over the last year:

1.) My skeptical medical nurse wife had a headache one morning, this was right after I had gotten my first QUEET and so I convinced her to try putting it where the pain was.  She agreed and sat down to work on the computer for a few minutes.  About 2 minutes later I inquired “how’s the headache?” and to her own amazement, she looked up and said “I had completely forgotten about it!  It’s completely gone!”

2.) My sister had a headache one morning too and I told her to place it right by the pain and so she tucked it in to her glasses.  I asked about the headache 30 seconds later and she said “It’s completely gone!”

3.) My dad (in his 60’s) complained of chronic pain in his knuckles on his left hand.  So while at coffee with him one morning, we placed it across 3 of the knuckles on his left hand.  I asked him about 30 minutes later about it and surprised, he said that the pain was GREATLY diminished in those 3 knuckles compared to what it had been before and what the other 2 untreated ones were feeling.

4.) A friend of mine in his late 50’s complained of chronic pain in his left hand in multiple areas.  I taped a queet onto his left hand one night on the left 3 knuckles for about an hour and a half.  After that he said there was a BIG difference in the pain on those 3 knuckles compared to normal, and compared to the other two.

5.) I laminated 2 QUEETS next to each other and wore them in my sock on my left foot.  I noticed that the intermittent pain in my left foot was completely gone compared to the right untreated foot.

Thank You WITTS Team for this unique and incredibly effective device!


Denver, CO

Received by WITTS the week of March 31, 2011…


Testimonial from Veronica Angel of Tracy, CA:

I used the QUEET on the top part of my hand and wrist, because I had pulled something while moving furniture around. My husband received the QUEET a couple of days after that happened. As soon as he saw the letter in the mail he ripped it open, read the instructions and called Sir Timothy. After a little more instruction he placed it under the bandage I hand on my wrist and hand. I could not close my hand because of the pain and inflammation.

After about 25 minutes my husband turned to me and asked “how does your hand feel?” Amazingly, I felt very little pain! I was even able to close my fingers about half way to making a fist without pain. I forgot about it and left it on all night. The next morning at about 10:30AM I unwrapped the bandage and to my amazement, the swelling was gone! I could close my hand again, without pain pills. Praise God for giving you the understanding to make something like this!

I also get migraines pretty severely. My husband put the QUEET on my head and I went to sleep with it on for a couple of hours. When I awoke, I didn’t have the dizziness or the achiness I normally experience.
Thank you and God Bless!!

Veronica Angel, wife of Raul Angel, Tracy, CA


Received by WITTS the week of May 21, 2010…
Hi all, WITTS engineers, scientists, fellow believers seeking God’s kingdom,
I just thought I would pass along a remarkable experience we had using a QUEET strip yesterday.
I am interning with a naturopathic doctor in York County, Pennsylvania, and he had a patient who became very sensitive to EMF fields after being exposed to a business-card like device that threw his body far out of whack and he hasn’t been quite the same since. It has been years since he had that thing in his pocket, but he described it as though it “short circuited” him. Yesterday, as we were working with him, and I was seeking God’s wisdom in how we might reverse this unfortunate effect, the QUEET came to mind. I happened to have one in my phone’s battery compartment, where I leave it most of the time. I brought it out and explained to him that the people who designed it are believers who seek the kingdom of God before all else, and that they were on the “right team.” It caused him a little anxiety at first, because it somewhat resembled the device that threw him off a few years ago. He picked it up in his fingers, and held it for a few seconds, and then put it down quickly. I asked him if he felt anything, and he had noticed a difference right away. He picked it up again and held it for a little while. After about 30 seconds, he described that the pressure was draining from his head, and that his vision was improving again (all of these the negative effects he has been dealing with since his encounter several years ago). He explained that it was almost like touching a tree, which had interestingly enough been one of the few things that had given him relief (don’t ask me why…that’s just what he explained). He said that it felt like it was doing the opposite of what that other thing had done to him several years ago. I was extremely excited about all this, because this man has been dealing with chronic and unusual problems since his run in with this other device. Whatever was wrong with what he was using before, we don’t know. But he knew he was safe when I explained that you all are working for the Lord and are fellow believers with us. He is going to try it for a week. I am so excited because I feel like we may have found answers for him after a long discouraging road of failures to recover. The effect was immediate! Thank you all so much,
It is a privilege and great joy to serve alongside brothers like you,
God bless you!

John Maughan

Portage, Pennsylvania


Dear brothers,

I had a interesting experience today, using the QUEET, so I thought I would send it in. My dad was experiencing some lower back pain around lunchtime. He made an offhand comment of how it was bothering him, so I asked him about it more specifically. He said the pain wasn’t terrible, but it was obviously enough that he commented on it. We put one of the QUEET strips on his lower back with a band-aid. In five minutes I asked him to check the pain, and he said there was a noticeable decrease. I know my dad tends to be rather skeptical, so he would only say so if there really were a difference. He left it on for the rest of his lunch break, and when he got ready to go back to work, the pain was entirely gone.

All for Jesus!

John Maughan


Dear Sirs,

I wanted to write you and thank you for the wonderful job you (WITTS) are doing!

Your QUEET Technology is truly amazing!

I am 83 years old now, and have been in constant pain for 10 years, that is until 2 weeks ago, when I tried the QUEET.

You see, ten years ago, I fell and broke my right hip. A year later, I fell and broke my other hip. Because of my age and my Osteoporosis and other factors, the hips did not heal. I was in constant pain for ten years.

3 weeks ago, my husband, John Colbrun requested 2 of your QUEETs. You instructed us to put them against the skin, one on each hip, with a large bandage.

We did so and I was absolutely amazed at the results! The terrible pain was completely gone in both hips for the first time in more then 10 years! And it only took ten min!

I had been taking pain medication 3 times a day, everyday, for ten years!. NOW I TAKE NO PAIN KILLERS AT ALL!

And another amazing thing, Just this morning. I went to the Doctor to tell him about your technology, and he took X-rays, and he says “This is incredible! This is the first time in ten years, that that I have seen signs of healing in these fractures”.

The Doctor is wanting to order some of this fantastic healing strips (QUEETs). I hope it is OK that I gave him the address of your website.

God bless you all there, and all your work!


Betty and John Colbrun

Co Springs. Co


QUEET results,

Rotary cuff on my right shoulder was fraying and both had some inflammation. I had started doing therapy twice a week and was down to 2-4 hours of sleep a night due to fatigued aching muscles.The QUEET has taken nearly all fatigue away.


Linford Wenger