It is over 12 months now since I spoke to Sir Timothy Thrapp and the brothers at World Improvement Ministries, with regards to the persistant drought in my part of the world, (Over 15 years) which is south west Queensland, Australia.

It is a relatively remote, rural district which is made up of huge cattle and sheep properties that stretch
over vast areas of usually dry grasslands and semi-desert.

My wife and I would always marvel at how well the countryside around us would respond in terms of beautiful green grass, when it did receive that oh so rare, few days of rain.

Until recently however, the Western Downs of Queensland remained, dusty, dry and sunburnt for year after year until farms had lost all their livestock and even the hardy kangaroos and emus could be found dying in the paddocks.

We agreed to pray for regular soaking rain that would allow the grass to stay green so that the farmers and
wildlife would be able to flourish.

Sir Timothy contacted some of his fellow scientists, engineers and ministers from the WITTS community
to agree in prayer for this to happen.

Since the prayers began in the February-March period of 2010, we have had regular soaking rain which has caused the grass to grow lush and green.

This has continued all through the normally brutal summer season that for as long as anyone can remember, has always burnt any grass into dry shades of brown and grey.

Everyone who has lived out here for any length of time, is astounded to see lush green grass all through summer! Even the oldest people out here have no memory of such a thing ever happening before.

Around 90% of Queensland has been declared a disaster area in recent months because of catastrophic flooding and destruction resulting from huge typhoons.

The area around where I live, is one of the very few that has escaped this distinction.

The countryside remains beautiful and we continue to have regular light rain that is perfect for the health
of the land.

I can not ‘prove’ that what has happened is a result of “The Prayer of Faith”, But there is plenty of strong evidence to indicate, just that. And I am humbled and awed by it all.

I would comment that no signs or wonders are likely to be enough for those who do not believe and of course those who do not believe are those who need his signs and wonders most.

As a believer however, who has witnessed the reality of God, in that which is scientific, mathematical and
verifiable, I am awestruck that He (God) can and does, give life, to that which is virtually dead.

Your brother and Sister in Christ,

Richard and Anne Lobwein

Roma, Queensland, Australia