(5 simple ways.  You can pick just one.)


1. An organization / inventor needs to have 3 independent engineers or more, that have verified the machines are over-unity and practical.


God’s Word says “At the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, let every matter be established”. The Bible says this in many places. Including Jesus words. And including God Almighty’s Words! Duet 19:15, Mat 18:15


Our court system uses this principle to determine if any matter is true or not. This is used everyday in courts in this land to decide matters of life and death. This one way alone, is enough to tell for certain. AND it is SOLID!


So ask yourself does this organization (that you are thinking of investing in or donating to) really have 3 Independent Engineers that have carefully checked and tested their machines to see if they are really performing as claimed, or not?


World Improvement Ministries HAS OVER 300 independent Engineers that have made video testimonies and/or audio testimonies and or written, signed and notarized sworn to under oath, written testimonies of each of their independent verifications. (See Independent Engineers Verifications Page) (I am one of these Engineers)


( I have checked thoroughly and I can honestly tell you that no other person or organization has even one, let alone 3.)



2. The second way, as Jesus said, If many say bad things about them, then THAT IS THE REAL PERSON OF GOD!!! Luke 6:22&23. Mat 5 11&12


This sounds backward, and strange at first, to many, but if you understand how this world is structured, it makes perfect sense.


The bad guys are running loose, and everywhere working their evil deeds, to confuse people and take advantage.  So one method they use is to talk bad things about the real people of God.  So you will see them putting down the real children of God. All the time pretending to be Saints themselves.


The Bible tells us that The Dark-Side loves to pretend to be The Good Guys. (Also ministers of Righteousness as well as angels of light) 2 Cor 11:15 (Jesus also said that so cunning is their ways that even some of the saints of God will be deceived)



3. Jesus said, the real person of God will be persecuted by the many.

Luke 6:22&23, Mat 5:11&12 I can tell you personally about many murder attempts I have personally witnessed against Sir Timothy and the other men of God in WITTS Ministries. Long stories, short, God miraculously delivers them, time and again!


4. Jesus said, they will do miracles regularly! And be teaching other how to do miracles also! Mark 16:15-18, Mat 28:19-20, John 14:12, Luke 24:48,49

WITTS Ministries has thousands of miracles in their ministry, EVERYDAY each one of them have miracles! I have witnessed dozens! They teach people everyday how to have miracles in their lives, everyday! (See page called Advanced Technology Teaching Archives on the website )



5. Jesus also said, “by their fruits you will recognize them”. Mat 7:15-27 also Jesus Said, “By this all will know if you are my disciples if you have LOVE one for another.” John 13:35


And again, God says, “True religion is busy helping the poor and the orphans and widows”. James 1:27


Are they helping the poor and the needy? Are they helping the least of Christs people? Jesus said it would be the genuine love and good works that would mark the organizations that are his.


I have personally observed that, against incredible persecution and incredible odds, WITTS Ministries have survived and prospered and even installed hundreds of machines down thru the last 200 years, that they have existed.


They maintain orphanages, and feed hundreds of starving Children and save lives everyday. (Anyone that is a man or woman of family of God is welcome to visit these orphanages and adopt) (they also have elderly care programs in third world countries)


They have saved thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands.


Who Qualifies As The REAL DEAL?

Only World Improvement Ministries


Marion William Hamilton




Added note from WITTS Ministries:  We will add one more simple way to easily spot the counterfeits.


Type in in your search engine (Google).

You will get between half a million and two million hits.  Approximately 7% of these DO NOT LEAD YOU TO THE REAL WEBSITE.


So this means that there are MANY counterfeiters out there.  Many of the counterfeit websites actually say they “are the official website of WITTS Ministries” but they are not.


All those claiming they are us, are counterfeit.  Find out the person or persons, behind that website and make a mental note of them, they are the counterfeiters in this.  Big time.  They are claiming to be us, but they are not.  They are impersonating us.  Everything on their websites is most likely fraudulent.  Do not trust them.  Ever!  Everything they are trying to sell you is most likely a fraud as well.


Once you have identified them, tell everyone!  The way to put these evil people out of business is to expose them.  Bring the darkness into the light and the darkness must go.


Another point along these lines, is that WITTS Ministries is virtually the only organization in alternative energy (or in christian ministry,) that the dark side is doing this to.  We checked the others, we could not find anyone counterfeiting any of them!


Yet there are hundreds of thousands claiming they are WITTS!


So this again proves the real from the fake.  No counterfeiter ever makes a counterfeit of something worth very little or nothing, only of something valuable.  (100$ bills are the most counterfeited of all moneys worldwide, but you will probably never see a counterfeit one dollar bill.)


You will also find many people claiming to be Jesus Christ, but few claiming to be the bum from Skid Row.


So this again proves who is real and who is not.


The following are the Children Of The Light, their websites, and their contact information:  –  Timothy Martin & Associates  –  Timothy Litke & Associates  –  John Wsol & Associates  –  Rex Hebert & Associates website (May be offline)  –  Riscalla Stephen  –  Randall Urban

If you would like to be added to this list please email or visit the contact us page.

God Bless You!