I want to describe why I must share with you the horror of this problem, but as well a little-known solution that is available for us to implement almost immediately. THIS SOLUTION MUST BE PURSUED. I am finally beginning to understand now. After around 3 years of observation of those who have had the Solution ready to implement, waiting for our needed participation, I realized that I must no longer delay participating in the ingenious, inspired solutions they offer.


First the BAD NEWS:


The worst danger of all to us is that any collapse of our electrical Grid system WILL IMMEDIATELY  “DOMINO” us all into a subsequent “breakdown” of society, our economy, all local civil governmental structures, as well resulting in the CESSATION OF ALL food and commodity distribution, THE END OF PRACTICALLY ALL FORMS OF NORMAL COMMUNICATION, NORMAL ECONOMIC ENTERPRISE. AND ALL NORMAL HUMAN SOCIETAL FUNCTION WHICH CANNOT BE MAINTAINED OR RETURNED TO A REASONABLE STANDARD OF “NORMALCY” WITHOUT ELECTRICITY (even water and sewer systems must utilize electrical energy for switching, pumping, monitoring and control of services).


There is no hope of solution to this “nightmare of horrors” UNLESS we find independent ways of circumventing “Grid Loss” with large scale independent ownership  (citizen-held) of Quantum Energy machines that really DO exist, and which are the only method of getting “back up” again and out of the “evil vortex” of “everything “coming apart” and irreparably failing” IN JUST DAYS because all electric power access has been cut off from all citizens in moments. There is one group I know of that is “qualified” to and is getting ready to begin manufacturing and selling real machines to everyone that wants them at extremely affordable prices. I will share that with you shortly who that is.


Upon “dis-integration” of vital services, these scenarios are possible almost immediately:


1) Our own government delivers us to “Martial Law,” (sending in troops, or Homeland Security forces seeking to quell civilian “survival” riots, wide-scale looting, and to “squash” whatever they define as “total civil disorder and anarchy” or whatever they define as “terrorism,” be it simply normal “Patriotism” or simply being a “Christian”), or


2) Incoming “called in” UN “peacekeeping” forces arriving to quell all the disturbance and “round up” or kill all the citizens or anyone “dissenting” to their “takeover,” or


3) Foreign invaders suddenly implementing a “Red Dawn” style opportunistic “take over” complete with large scale “round up” and internment or imprisonment of citizens.


In each case, short of simply shooting those whom they would have to feed (if they let their “captured” live and can supply them food) they too will “take over,” allow no dissent, and will be immediately ready to shoot anyone with the least appearance of resisting them.


Any of these three groups, will have taken “away” most if not all “holed up” starving citizens (except those whom they decided should be shot, then “taken” having been “hauled away” or just left there or as a rotting corpse). Those who remain alive (after the “Power Grid” “went down” and there was no local electricity) have no food distribution, no normal sanitation or water system, nor the ability to have any kind of commerce or “purchasing” power to “get them through” this “Apocalypse” “Grid Failure” has “pushed” them into unless there is a “back-up plan.”


Whoever “takes over” will have to house practically everyone in “FEMA” style “camps.”  These “camps” (if difficulties began to “get out of hand”) could easily evolve into Nazi style “concentration camps.”  If food supply cannot be continually and adequately delivered to these facilities, then the horrors of slow painful death from starvation would be inevitable.


But, if people are able to generate their own “Quantum Energy” electricity from the existing energy source (sometimes called the “aether,” “dark energy” or in some cases, “Tesla Energy” before it all “hits the fan,” they are more likely to be able to “stay put” get some kind of energy and food from trade or their own labor and food growing systems (such as “Aquaponics” in which fish clean the water recycled from plants which system can supply vegetable food, fish, and “cleaned” water). Use of such systems allow local living and local economies to be “rebuilt,” (though perhaps slowly) without citizens having to accept the option of being “taken away” to these “camps” — a more likely scenario if localized food and citizen-produced electrical current is developed by use of these “Quantum Energy machines that “DO work,” “DO exist,” and CAN BE manufactured and distributed “all over.”


Dr. Brian O’Leary – deceased Former NASA Astronaut, Scientist told us that what has been expected to work will not work, and describes which pursuits of new energy production ultimately WILL work EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE BEEN MISLED AND TOLD THEY WOULD NOT:

see http://www.enlightenedtechnology.org/?page_id=44
“I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that no existing energy technology held credible by the mainstream can offer a solution that is even close to satisfying the criteria we need to meet the global demand for energy that is compatible with our survival. Only innovation can provide the answer.”

The Energy Solution Revolution

[Dr. Brian O’Leary describes the commonly expected solutions to the energy crisis and Power Grid failure that WILL NOT WORK as being]

“Nuclear power. Carbon sequestration at coal plants. Ethanol-from-corn. Other kinds of biofuels. Carbon cap-and-trading. Hybrid cars. Gas-turbine micropower. Efficient power plants. Hydrogen economy. Hydropower. Geothermal energy. Solar. Wind. Tides. Waves. Ocean thermal gradients.” “Which one(s) of these will solve the climate crisis and give us a significant push towards sustainability? The sobering answer to any truthful inquiry, I am sorry to say, is none of the above. We, in our mainstream discourse, are almost literally tilting at windmills.” – Dr. Brian O’Leary

The late Dr. O’ Leary went on to explain what energy sources should be pursued. At the top of the list (and, he encourages pursuit of this) THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD WORK IS TESLA-LIKE QUANTUM ENERGY (such as is seen operating daily in electrical storms) and which can be extracted (when properly done with accessible technology) quite simply and cheaply:

Go to http://www.enlightenedtechnology.org/?page_id=44 and successively click on the arrows of each of two YouTube screens shown on this page to play parts 1 and 2 of this enlightening interview of Dr. Brian O’Leary — view both:

A recent interview with Dr. O’Leary – Part 1

A recent interview with Dr. O’Leary – Part 2



The GOOD NEWS (that gets better):


I believe sufficiently early and effective distribution of and use of developed Quantum Energy machines developed by WITTS (World Improvement Through The Spirit) [go to www.witts.ws/learn] is the “real” and almost-immediately-able-to-be-implemented answer to the problem and that no other programs can really supply the remedy that they can. They will be able to do so, but only if we will capture the vision and fully participate in agreement with them now!


Preemptive and early implementation this year of WITTS-developed Quantum Energy machines at the local, and even “personal” level reduces the magnified difficulty of maintaining normal living after a (most-likely-to-happen) catastrophic “Grid Failure,” and makes “rebuilding” society and economy and necessary infrastructure “doable” with minimum risk and without as much normal “lifestyle” interruption while “rebuilding” is under way — not everyone else trying to do something similar will be able to meet the need as would the team at WITTS however, and there are reasons for that.


I have been aware of what they were doing for about 3 years, but just recently “caught” the vision of how they are really going to do it — and they need our help and commitment to make it happen ASAP — it is that important and urgently upon us to do so.


Check these out at www.witts.ws/learn:


See the power generator demonstrations that can be seen on www.witts.ws/learn — you should introduce yourself to these three selections of around 30 available videos at this URL: To quickly grasp the concept, you will want to quickly review these few below — you can return to the others in the near future to better capture the concept and WITTS’ vision:


10 (and to see more info 17 Demo #2). Hemisphere Quantum Fuelless Generator – Demo #1

Another demonstration of useful freely available electric power derived from the quantum field. No input fuel required! (Original video – 1993) This device is similar to machines developed by Henry Moray using a hemisphere shape.


Also see use of the same generator to start a car without a car battery for power:


19. Hemisphere Generator Starts Jeep – Quantum Electric Demo

A high amperage demonstration of useful freely available electric power derived from the quantum field. No input fuel required! (Original video – 1993) This device is similar to machines developed by Henry Moray using a hemisphere shape. See also Hemisphere Quantum Fuelless Generator – Demo #2 and Hemisphere Quantum Fuelless Generator – Demo #1.  Join us and become part of the solution!


16. World’s Most Efficient Over unity Water Heater

WITTS is showing the worlds most efficient over unity ultrasonic water heater. A stainless steel sphere with 1.7 gallons of water starts at 101 degrees F and rises to 184 degrees F in two minutes from 1.62 watts input from a 9-volt battery supplying 0.18 amps. Normally 1.7 US gallons of water would require 10,296 watts of energy at 100% efficiency to be raised from 101 to 184 degrees F in 2 minutes. This is super efficient at over 6000 X more heat from the input of electricity. There are no catalysts, heavy water or other exotic materials required as in cold fusion and no harmful radiation is released. The stimulus for this research & development was John Keely’s Sympathetic Vibratory Physics using frequencies in combination with shapes of materials.



To me, such demonstrations and the vision WITTS has and wants to share with others is to supply an alternative to our electrical energy supply that would “disappear” if (and in reality, “when”) the Power Grid goes down. WITTS’ objective is to begin the first factory ASAP to produce machines that are affordable and which could (and should) be distributed far and wide. I would like to see these machines produced in Texas in cooperation with WITT’s vision and participation. There is an “Either — Or” scenario captured in this way by picturing of the portentous dangerous of a “Power Grid Failure”:



Using such simply implemented (but advanced) technologies makes it possible to create machines that are economical, light, and easy to distribute to practically everyone, no matter if energy monopolies object or try to block the process (as has been the history of  many new technologies that have either been “bought up” and put on the shelf, or the inventor thereof intimidated or even threatened with death, if not actually killed (this “phenomenon” can be documented in multiple cases).


There would be reasonable hope of a “starting over” recovery after ANY Power Grid failure, be it local, regional, state wide, national or continental if correctly implemented, IF AND ONLY IF there is available “back-up” small scale independent power production of local electrical current created because small scale independent producers (citizens keeping themselves independent of corporations and government, even by use of their Quantum Energy based energy generators were personally supplying energy back into the grid or into one’s house or neighborhood). Also available through this group are options for “alternatively” fueling our vehicles, along with presenting opportunity to all citizens for “RE-teaching” THE FORGOTTEN ART of economic, spiritual, and political sanity (largely lost in this society, but being well described and clearly defined in the classic book, “The 5000 Year Leap” written by Cleon Skousen.  Skousen showed the original intent of the Founding Fathers who participated in the Divinely Guided Miracle, which ultimately became our “Nation.” The Founding Fathers were “guided” to “forge” the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and a “checks and balances” monitored government that was prevented by our Constitution (when properly enforced) from taking away our liberty and the commonly held rights afforded to its citizens.


Once the Power Grid goes down (it will, either by circumstance or “design”) we need to know how to “restart” and maintain sustaining electrical energy, reestablish society, economy, and industry once again and regenerate a “non-entitlement” oriented “social order” with RESTORATION of a sense of responsibility put back again into the hearts and minds of people who otherwise would either die, or of necessity have to go through a “restitution and restructuring” mode “when” they experience the Power Grid going down either locally or nationally (witness the snowstorms as of this winter in the US where up to ½ a million initially and more than twice that amount in the “second round” of snow storms were without power — this could even happen world-wide.


One scientist estimated that if the Power Grid went down, within 2 years ½ of the population would die. That is an unnecessary sacrifice, which it appears is the vision of many of the “elite” in “high places (reference the “Georgia Guidestones” in remote Elberton, Georgia on U.S. Highway 77).


Without electrical power and viable transportation potential to help us through this “end of our world” emergency, even the good, not only the evil, could be swept into a “black hole” vortex from which no one, short of a miracle, could recover once “the power is out.”


I think we must take a long hard look at the potential of both the problem and the proof of solution to the problem of “how do you get through and how do you institute national and world economic, spiritual, and political recovery?” after a failure of the Electrical Grid. Grid Failure disasters are definitely the most devastating phenomena we face, and they are almost immediately coming on the whole world, including upon those of us who “remain” living out a scenario in which we must take to heart the dangerous threat created for us automatically by our not taking the opportunity of being “backed up” with one of the many remarkable gifts God has given us through an organization such as WITTS. We must implement the right plan ASAP or perish in days, not weeks as individuals, as states, as nations, and as the world!


WITTS must be looked at as the most viable solution we have if we want to maintain our freedoms from a “black force” of “elite” governmental and banking industry oppressors (witness the Federal Reserve — not a “Federal” agency but an international (British based) banking Cartel that has “ponzi schemed” the American citizen out of prosperity and livelihood for over a century),


Through participation in WITTS, we have a chance to rebuild our society, economy and national sovereignty once the Power Grid collapses whether locally, or even on an international scale. The ULTIMATELY UNTHINKABLE alternative is total “SUBSERVIENCE” OF EVERYONE to “One World Government,” to “One World Economic Domination” to “One World Socialism” (proved a failure in every country dominated by it so far) and to “One World ‘Universal’ Religion” (with its upcoming false religious concepts that are implemented to blind the people further than they have been “taken” already.) All this given as a “gift” and “enforced” upon all by International Bankers, Rogue politicians and political leaders, and an upcoming “Pseudo Christian” organized religious philosophy that will be “inclusive” of EVERY religious view EXCEPT that of the original Christian religion, because That ORIGINAL DOCTRINE is deemed too “narrow,” “non-inclusive,” “condemnative,” PRODUCING “GUILT RIDDEN” FEELINGS because it makes anyone hearing its doctrine feel “conviction” of wrongdoing, which kind of “TRUTH” nobody wants because few people REALLY want to know what they SHOULD do to make life actually “work” correctly.


I believe that we are being given opportunity to “latch onto” “help” to “ease the inevitable pressures” of the soon coming difficulties when our economy fails, our Electrical Grid collapses, and when we are literally, socially, economically and spiritually “thrust into darkness” as we experience the “Electric Grid Failure” (and probably simultaneously failures of the “Social Grid,” the “grids” of Economy, Politics, Morality, and the previously supportive “Spiritual Grid.”  I believe there will be “failure” in all these areas unless we plan now to participate in a “revival of the Spirit” that is well described in the the WITTS vision for “World Improvement” and “backed up” by the technology we need to “survive,” even “thrive” and start over with “backup” systems that will help us to be able to implement “freedom” once again and enable us to “rebuild” free from the masters who have blinded us and robbed us of our inheritances as a nation. Without this “vision” and the “equipment” we need to help us, we will be no longer be able to “divert” much of the potential of destruction of our nation and destruction on the lives and economies upon which people depend, sometimes simply for food and simply “staying alive.”


I see WITTS as being a divinely inspired “gift” God is giving us to help “ease” the difficulties that I see coming on the whole world, including to those of us who “remain and are still alive” during this upcoming “end time” scenario — one which we must take to heart and implement ASAP if we are to survive and come out of the “death spiral” we are about to step into in a short time!

Your involvement and participation is requested and hoped for in order to more easily implement this ambitious, totally needed program of recovery after the imminent collapse of the Electrical Grid System we totally depend for practically everything.

Thank you for any and all participation you can direct toward this, its being probably the most important “life saving” activity that MUST be undertaken in these days.


Jerry Carlow