From: Brother Gleason
Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2014 3:51 PM
Subject: my healing manifestation today;
I have my healing; Hagin is right; even he had to wait 24 hours to manifest his healing; but he looked at the things which are not, and called it so, when he was prayed for; it took Daniel about 30 days one time; but prayer was heard , when he prayed;
I prayed with AWM on 3/14, so two agreed and it was done; manifestation is here today; Hagin said he even bought RX for people who still needed them; so not wrong to take medicine;  my blood sugar was 155, normal, and Derek prince says diabetes is a demon; so I cast it out; also pain and blood pressure and other issues;
you cannot believe for salvation in the spirit, and not healing in the body; I guess you can and some do, but WHY do it;  If I were to die today; I would die healed;
Hagin said Jesus appeared in a room to heal a lady, and even lifted her bodily out of and above her wheel chair; but she grabbed for it and said she would go to the grave that way; so even with Jesus in the “house” she had the final say;  and it was negative;  Jesus had the same experience when he said the “power of God was present to heal”, when he was teaching the scribes; but it took a man lowered thru the roof to “get it”.   Intellect does not always get it;
Healing can be lost if it is on someone else’s faith; but we must reject “lying symptoms” as lying “vanities” to keep it;  16 days is not a long time to wait for healing of problems of more than 16 years; addictions are also a demon;  to be cast out;
I have ordered a massive shipment of KEH books and cds today; plus an offering;  I plan to spend 10% each month on his literature;  not legalistically, but to cement my healing; and make it available to others;
sell all and buy Hagin;  Eby does not treat sickness, but he does feed the soul; which is body and spirit, both of which must be healed;  try at least 2 witnesses in scripture; Rom 4.17, Mat. 8.17, 2 Cor 4.18, I think, and Prov 4. 20-22.    Even Hagin had Jesus give him scriptures to prove what he was saying; he did.  When hagin was in pain he had to call out to God, and God told him to call things as not, and he got relief from 8 hours of pain, which kept him from sleeping; the correct word will cancel any lying vanities/spirits .  If I WAS healed, I AM healed, is my confession; the word is more important than feelings;  to die is gain; since we go to be with Jesus; but we should die healthy;  get Hagin’s “healing classics” cds;  when he could show Baptists in the schofield bible, apparently the one they like,  about healing, they got it, even tho the Baptists did not preach it; if necessary read it to the devil.  Jesus appearing to Hagin in the room, proves the spirit world, others knew he was there, but could not see him, but still could not take their healing;  it is always God’s will to heal;  no point waiting 18 or 47 years, take it NOW;  the word is not bound, ever.
This is my testimony this date;  I had to hold on to the healing from 3/14/14, and today I was “fully persuaded”; based on hagin’s messages;  he has a small book, “hear and be healed” and one on “how to keep your healing”; I hear taxes for disabled and elderly are going down, while for others up; so look for your property tax to go down;  even in the fastest growing large city in the nation, God makes a way; to prosper and be in good health;  1 Jn 3. 8, Jesus destroyed the works of the devil, but we must accept it ourselves,  we can be healed by others or a mass spiritual presence, but to keep it, it must be ours, by faith, and confession;  this is priceless information; if it had not happened to me, I would not believe it; “speak to the mountain”  curse the sickness; cast out demons of sickness; hagin said listen to one cd on God’s medicine, not many on different subjects;
I would say this Passover deliverance will translate into a new body when it is time, but this one will be well from now on; GLORY!
Gleason E. Parker , Jr.
Austin, Texas ,
1967 the year of opportunity, 33 plus 14 = 47 years, the temple plus 1;