Sir Timothy shares on the topic “More Adventures With Our Heavenly Father, God!”, and our guest Brother Rob Abreu shares recent experiences in taking authority to protect our planet earth, and talks a lot about his experiences with clean water, and health issues.   In the technology highlight we also discussed the history of the 40kw generator and the little sister to it, the QEG now being promoted by the Fix The World organization.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “More Adventures With Our Heavenly Father, God!”

Well worth listening to and taking notes!

Exercise Faith, Meditate on God’s Word, and His power, and spend time Loving God, and you will build your relationship with God, and He will help you succeed in building His kingdom!



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


Former Ministry Spokesman Nathan Stubblefield is not well-known of today.  However, some people are keeping some of his history alive.

Publicist Chris Harris Stubblefield

Utilizing simple valves, here is an easy to build PVC pump for water or air.  It’s amazing how a little ingenuity with plastic pipe can turn into a very inexpensive and useful device. Very cool.

How To Make A PVC Pump!


Here’s a simple to make check valve that most anyone can make using commonly available items. These devices are used to keep water (fluids) or air (gases) flowing in one direction, stopping the flow if it attempts to reverse.

How To Make a One-Way Check Valve – For Cheap!!


Fix The World

This past week the Fix The World organization released documents describing the assembly of the Quantum Energy Generator or “QEG”.  If it looks familiar to the WITTS community, well… indeed it is a little sister to the device WITTS has demonstrated for many years, the 40kW Fuelless Generator (click here for video taken March 2009.)  Tonight Sir T discussed the origins of this remarkable machine and explained some of the technical details involved in its construction.

WITTS Ministries and Sir T appreciates the written credit received in the manual.

Fix The World excerpt –

“We would like to dedicate the success we’ve experienced to our first teacher, Sir Timothy Thrapp, and WITTS Ministries, without whose guidance none of this would be available so soon. We acknowledge and honor the work WITTS has done for over 200 years bringing technology forward, and hope that you will consider making a donation to the ministry for their great work.”

Further information will be explained during tonight’s broadcast along with new video of the 40kW machine.



Guest: Brother Rob Abreu – “Authority & Health”

Our guest this week was our wonderful brother Rob Abreu from Australia.   He returned to share his latest adventures in Australia and what transpires when one starts taking authority over day to day challenges.   After listening to the teachings found at WITTS Ministries on authority, all one has to do is try it and put it to the test.

He also shares some of his discoveries in relation to health, healing, and good food.

He says to look up several things that are extremely helpful for healing, including the Moringa Olivera plant, and PawPaw.

Job 36:27 – A passage that talks about rain water

Additional references from Brother Rob Abreu:







Distilled Water – “Andrew Norton Webber And Lisa Harrison” on Distilled Water –


Aquarius The Water Bearer –




Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: What is the sound source on the 40kw video, mechanical or electrical?  Why apply the load incrementally? …Also, what is the approx. hardware cost of building a generator? I am a materials engineer with some skills. Is Tooling necessary? What is necessary to build it: furnace? Welding/brazing? Precision balance rig?

C: “Come Cry Out to Jesus & He Will Come In”( your heart). Actually some words heard from out of an empty wall.

Q: question for sir T. If you have time could you tell the testimony of the guy you felt to pray for in the jungle with the huge tumor on his face? Such a powerful story of how God can talk to us and what can happen when we obey his spirit.

C: What a privilege to get to hear Sir T talk about these things! Thank you to all you guys that make this happen!!

C: Regarding the WITTS generator: In Australia if you put energy back into their system you get paid for it… here the Q-system could pay for itself very quickly

C: God’s word and this program is about Messages of hope and not anxiety. So many are raising the fear factor and not the “no fear” command. HE walked on the water.

C: The chem trails planes are starting to come around Canberra again…… they hide behind the clouds…… Still taking authority over them ……..It works every time …You dont wait till you are perfect in your walk with God just start and God will work through YOU. Praise My Father and his works

C: Regardin what brother Rob was saying about drinking distilled water: We drink distilled water for 15 years now.

C: Regarding drinking distilled water to wash clean the body: calcium build up in the brain

C: Regarding drinking distilled water: Job 36:27 For he draweth up the drops of water, Which distil in rain from his vapor

Q: What type of salt do you use? I’ve heard Himalayan salt and Mediterranean salt are best for you

C: very small amounts of sugar in water enables water adsorption in gut. Salt then dehydrates your tissues to equalize the osmotic pressures in your gut.

C: beware of any product from the pacific… fukushima’s revenge

C: I been meditating on God love for all of His Creation and NOT my problems.  God’s love fixes all my problems and gives me what I need even if I did not Know what it was I needed……….Anger, Fixations and sin falls away.  When I fail I try not to beat up myself but hold on to the Victories God have given me .  It really works with your walk with God…..well it dose for me.  God’s love is the answer to all

C: Look up the tv show “The Bush Tucker Man” he talks about Aus vegetation’s healing properties. Aus Army uses his stuff


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