Mission Statement


Save the Human Race.



To preserve the human specie and return Earth to paradise status.



Immediately mobilize every available resource to prevent the extinction of mankind.

Advance new Eco-technologies to immediately halt the destruction of man’s Eco-system.

Implement pollution remediation techniques for complete resolution of the all forms of pollution. (ie: air, water and land)

Introduce new health modalities to improve the quality of life.

Promote awareness that all life is interconnected.



There is no option,

Nor opportunity to hesitate,

Nor insurmountable impediments to achieve positive results.




By each of us “showing up” and expressing our fullest potential, mankind will flourish in a healthy, harmonious, and nurturing environment.


The status quo paradigm will lead to the annihilation of human beings, as well as most of the life on this Earth.




There is absolutely nothing to lose that is not already totally compromised.

There is everything to gain particularly in terms of restoring human dignity and reestablishing mankind’s role as planetary steward and co-creator of beauty.


Limits are Unlimited!

– from Holy Spirit