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WITTS (World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries) is an organization of World-Class Engineers/Scientists/Servants of God and Humanity, actively offering solutions to the energy crisis and the other critical issues of our troubled planet. We invite you to learn more about our organization and the God given breakthrough technologies that we are presenting to this world. These include solutions to many problems facing mankind at this critical juncture. We invite you to learn more about these technology solutions and discover how you can be part of these incredible answers. Please join us in this quest to heal God’s Earth and restore ALL to wholeness!

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This ministry is all about empowering the people collectively as well as individually. 

That means you will have more influence and power in your community and as an individual. 

More positive influence among your family, friends, and community…

…AS YOU STUDY this valuable information on this website.


The solutions are here!

God Blessed Us All!


Your Future Is In your Hands…


Healing the Earth. All Life is Precious.

Realizing that all life is precious there’s no time to waste. Radically changing the way we do things and the way we think about things is crucial, and we must get started right away.  Some might ask if it’s even possible to reverse the centuries of damage we’ve inflicted on our beloved home.

The answer is YES!

However, we must join together and start making it happen – ourselves.

The government is not going to do it for us! Neither will greedy businesses and corporations.


There aren’t any options.

It is possible! We must pull together!

Working as a team!

The power of people pulling together makes everything so much easier! 1000 people pulling together on the same rope can move mountains! LET’S PULL TOGETHER ON THIS ROPE!

How Do We Get Started?

How can I help?  Read and study the large amount of free information we are offering here on, and our broadcasts from every Wednesday night.  Be sure to read the Getting Started page.

Then pray about it, and do as the Lord leads your heart.

WITTS Ministries has been diligently helping our Earth by building people up spiritually and by developing the needed solutions and technologies that can redefine the established paradigm. For nearly two centuries, our World-Class Engineers/Scientists/Servants of God and Humanity have been listening, learning and working with nature, And seeking God for the needed solutions, then actively sharing these solutions worldwide. We have been introducing new devices for massive benefits in how we live. The solutions are here. Join the WITTS team and help us build a Golden Age.  We absolutely will see Paradise on Earth.  See our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement



Save the Human Race.



To preserve the human specie and return Earth to paradise status.



Immediately mobilize every available resource to prevent the extinction of mankind.

Advance new Eco-technologies to immediately halt the destruction of man’s Eco-system.

Implement pollution remediation techniques for complete resolution of the all forms of pollution. (ie: air, water and land)

Introduce new health modalities to improve the quality of life.

Promote awareness that all life is interconnected.



There is no option,

Nor opportunity to hesitate,

Nor insurmountable impediments to achieve positive results.



By each of us “showing up” and expressing our fullest potential, mankind will flourish in a healthy, harmonious, and nurturing environment.


The status quo paradigm will lead to the annihilation of human beings, as well as most of the life on this Earth.




There is absolutely nothing to lose that is not already totally compromised.

There is everything to gain particularly in terms of restoring human dignity and reestablishing mankind’s role as planetary steward and co-creator of beauty.


Limits are Unlimited!

– from Holy Spirit







How Can I Help?

Read and study everything on this website.  Then Pray about it, and ask God what he’d have you do.   God speaks to your heart! (some call it gut instinct or intuition.)  We only need 300 people, regular, monthly pledge giving, to make the home power units available to mankind. 

If you want to help make alternative energy a reality in your home and your car, your first step is to STUDY this website THOROUGHLY.  If you do a good job with step one, it will be obvious to you then, what your second step is.














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Today’s Highlight:

A very common question we get is “what is the gospel of Jesus Christ” or “what is the good news”.  (“Gospel” is a ancient English word that means “good news”.)

The following is a answer by our spokesman, Sir T.   …

Hello brothers and sisters!

The Good News is what we teach every week on the first 20 min of the advanced Technology Teaching Program. (And it is also all over the website)

In a nutshell,

Galatians says “Christ has redeemed from The Curse of The Law”.  Galatians 3:13

Study the “Curse of The Law” at the end of Deuteronomy, so you know what Christ has redeemed us from.  Read Deuteronomy chapter 28

So what are we redeemed from?

You can sum it up by saying we have been redeemed and delivered from poverty, sickness and spiritual death(3 things or 3 categories). (and also to a partial degree, we have been redeemed from physical death as well)

The poor do not have to be poor anymore. That is good news!


The sick do not have to be sick anymore. That is good news!


The dying do not have to be dying anymore. That is good news. 


God does not lose his children! That is good news!


Now read the blessings in the beginning of that chapter. Also find the blessings of Abraham in Genesis and read those. Genesis 12:2 and 3. Also 13:2,5,14,15,16 also the entire 14th chapter. Also 17:1-9 also 22:16,17 and 18.

Galatians 3:verse 13 and 14 says, not only are we redeemed from the curses, but that we are now to have the blessings of Abraham! That is good news!

Awesome news!


(What are those blessings that Christ bought for us? if you read that, then you can tell me.)

All the moves of the Holy Ghost (including the current one) are involved in bringing the good news AND the physical manifestations of the good news to the people of Earth!

God is doing his part. If we do not have those blessings then It is we Christians, who are not doing there part. God does not fail. The blessings are missed and the curses come, because people fail. Specifically Gods people.

God said in Hosea 4:6, “my people perish, for a lack of knowledge”. That is true today.

Not only Gods people, but all people.

Knowledge is key.

And Jesus stressed very much the importance of putting knowledge into practice. (that is called wisdom)

(AKA common sense. But as one brother said it, “common sense is not that common, anymore”)

Study Gods word, and it will become common in your life! Glory to God!

God bless you!

Sir T and The World Improvement Team