Sir Timothy taught on “Being Alive Unto God!”; We also had a special guest testimony by video of miraculous healings and a financial problem resolution by Brother Levi Furu. Also discussed were some different ways to make antigravity. (Yes antigravity is real, that’s why the gifts page mentions it.)

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Being Alive Unto God!”

Sir T shares from the Bible how to become Alive Unto God!



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–A new way to both repel and to attract water.

Sir T also theorized that this could be used to make another type of gravity motor.



Yes Antigravity is Real

If you’ve been acquainted with WITTS for any length of time, you will likely already agree that yes, antigravity is real.  We’ve talked about it numerous times on past shows.  There are many ways to do it, and the flying carpet’s SirT has seen were mentioned even in the Bible in the list of gifts between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.  This is great evidence that not only is antigravity here today, but it’s been done for thousands of years.

Many others on the internet have talked about it as well.  Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov even wrote about it in his book, and described how he made his own personal transportation device using it.  John Worrell Keely also mastered it using an entirely different method.  There are many other methods SirT has described, and if history is any guide, even a great many more methods yet to be discovered.

The fact that antigravity is real, and that it was discovered by observing nature closely should encourage all of us that as we look at what nature is, and make careful observations, it points us to a creator, and we are reminded of the greatness of our creator, and that He loves the game of hide and seek.

You can find more about it here on our site.




Guest: Brother Levi Furu – “Miraculous Healings”

An encouraging testimony via video from Brother Levi!  He shares in detail with video before and after, the healings he has received, and credits them to God.  In addition to those healing miracles, he also received special grace in a financial / business matter which he also attributes directly to God and His marvelous grace.



Questions & Comments:

Q: sirT did the boats that you worked on for jacques cousteau use centrifugal propulsion at all? Or was it all together a different type of propulsion?

Q: bug wings what type of bug wings work for antigravity. can you name a few types of beetles that work?

Q: My brother Brent has had a major problem with his lungs. can everyone please pray for complete healing?

C: aunt Robbie – facing cancer right now, needs agreement for healing.

Q: Have you ever built a toroidal antigravity device like the ones Stan Deyo demonstrates?

Q: Do you guys know of any really good gold detecting devices? Maxfynd makes a few but I don’t know if these devises are legit. Any comments?

C: It’s a privilege to listen to the nuggets of info. Awesome stuff. Thank you so much.





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