Hello Dr J and all at The World Improvement Team
(Jan 19, 2015)

I’m sending you this email just to give you some info about myself.

I, like Brother Riscalla, started searching for answers shortly after 9/11  I just felt depressed about things happening in the world, and hoped to find some answer’s because I didn’t believe what was coming out of the media.

I wasn’t very religious at the time but I prayed to be shown the truth of what was going on in the world, never is there  a more truthful statement than Jesus words, seek and ye shall find.

It took a while but eventually I found all the answers and more some very frightening but some uplifting especially concerning God.  I never started reading the Bible until last year I’m near the end of the book of Kings in the old testament.  Although I’m 50 yrs old,  I am just a baby Christian.

I came across WITTS while searching youtube for free energy devices but after watching a couple of the archive videos I was hooked two of my favorite subjects in one show and its free.  Sir Timothy teaches how to read the Bible the way it was meant to be read.  
It is now the most amazing book of information in the world for me!

The only book I’ll ever need to achieve anything I could ever want! (I’m not there yet but I know by studying the way Sir Timothy teaches, I will get there! )  I also remember, when I was younger, I would look at two or three small clouds in the sky pick one I wanted, and just stare at it till it dissolved!  And every time the one I picked would dissolve! (but not the others).

I never thought it would be a skill I would find useful till now. when Sir Timothy said about the chem trails even though I knew about them. I have tried it, and it works for getting rid of Chem trails! As Sir T, and Gods Word teaches! (“Whatever you desire, believe you have it, and it shall manifest for you” Jesus words)

I’ve thought about phoning the live show.  I think I would prefer to wait till I’m at least a junior Christian, plus it would be 2am UK time I’m not sure how well my brain would function at that hour. 

Please use anything in this email that maybe useful to anyone.