Sir Timothy taught on “Finding Your Way Into the Abundant Treasures of God, Pt 2”;  Our Special Guest Sister Adrienne Rutherford joined us to show and tell about a meaningful dream she had that remarkably lined up with the teaching from last week.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Finding Your Way Into the Abundant Treasures of God, Pt 2”

Sir T shares how to find your way into abundance, the God way.



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Watch the amazing multi-lane traffic crossing with NO roundabout and no traffic light…and NO accidents (at least during the video J!)

Meskel Square, Addis Abeba




–Did the French president call out the Illuminati as responsible for the recent attack in Paris? If you understand French, let’s us know what you think!

French president says on national TV that the Illuminati is attacking Paris.


–A dog shows up in an unlikely place puzzling bystanders. Could this be evidence of divine intervention or maybe teleportation?

Perro chileno se teletransporta para no ser atropellado   Dog teleports out of nowhere (Original)




–A streaking object in the California sky recently appears to eject an orb of some sort.

UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California. Anyone Else See It?




–A moon rock given to the Dutch prime minister by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 has turned out to be a fake.

‘Moon rock’ given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake




Sir T has been spending time with some of the children lately and they’ve picked out a video that is sure to give you a chuckle.

Pixar – Lifted






“Praying In All Directions” 01/04/2015 Message




Guest: Sister Adrienne Rutherford – “My Dream that lined up with the teaching last week”

Sister Adrienne shares her thoughts and drawing regarding a dream she had that lined up closely with last week’s teaching.



Questions & Comments:

Q: What is the simplest and quickest and cheapest way to produce overunity on a usable scale

Q: What was used for the sky bike gears or bike wheels with what size weights? …what were the lb weights?

Q: Did you not have a sample peddler on rails for proof of concept demo?

Q: how fast did you have to peddle to get off the ground?

Q: why are they spraying Chemtrails?

Q: Sir T in the car at 70 miles per hour with the centrifugal propulsion accelerator, what speed was it rotating, how many planetary gears did it have what was it made of and what was the weight used?

Q: Do people eat roosters in the Philippines? Or are they like the Holy Cows in India?

Q: Do they ever Pit the roosters up against dogs such as a Pit Bull? Or is that against the rules?

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