Sir Timothy taught on “Finding Your Way Into the Abundant Treasures of God”;  Some features of John Keely’s work were discussed and some people shared interesting dreams of end-times events, and these dreams were encouraging.  We also showed a promo of a real live sleek looking flying car.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Finding Your Way Into the Abundant Treasures of God”

Sir T shares how to find your way into abundance, the God way.



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Are there similarities between the work of John Worrell Keely and  Walter Russell? Many of the writings and books from Keely have been lost or destroyed. Sir T relates how these two men share unique perspectives on the workings of the universe.

003 The Universal One




–Recognizing the mechanisms used to control the people is the first step. Now it’s time to work together to build a better world for everyone’s benefit! An encouraging piece to see the move toward this new reality.

How The Elite Stay In Power





–Even those in “mainstream” media are admitting to the controls in place to keep their discourse aligned with those interests keeping them employed.

Chuck Todd Slips & Tells Lewis Black EXACTLY Why The Media Sucks





–The “Engines of Domination” seems to be an accurate model to describe how small elite groups manage and control the world populations.  There exists a silver lining to the message… people are ingeniously creative and can invent new ways of living.






— A real flying car, available! – And it looks really COOL!

AeroMobil 3.0 – official video




A thought provoking quote we thought worth sharing:

“If you want to be incrementally better:

Be competitive.

If you want to be exponentially better:

Be cooperative.”

– Anonymous




Questions & Comments:

Q: You said that healing comes from Hope Faith and Belief , I am coming to think that often that the failing to revive healing may come from a lack of belief in “self” rather them God.  (Can you speak healing words to this belief?)

C: I think that believing God is believing what He says about us. That we are His children and heirs of the kingdom!

C: Wigglesworth is good!

Q: What does Sir T believe in Revelation of Jesus says That all who Live by the Sword shall die by the Sword….what does he feel that means!?

C: (With regard to dreams)  I do ask to see Jesus in my dreams nearly every night. that is helpful in receiving dreams in visions!

C: Regarding loving yourself: If God loves us then who are we to second guess Him?  We should just give up on judging ourselves and just agree with God and love our self.

Several people called in with thought-provoking questions and comments.

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