Sir Timothy taught on “Strength to Keep Your Resolution!”; There was also interesting discussion on several topics including a formidable scorpion slayer, T Henry Moray and his persecution for his free energy devices, and an almost unknown back-story to Pons & Fleischmann’s start in cold fusion.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Strength to Keep Your Resolution!”

Sir T shares unique ideas on how to keep your resolutions this coming year.



Technology & World Highlight:

Our video for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Scorpion hunter/slayer does not fear a most formidable food source.
Grasshopper Mouse vs. Arizona Bark Scorpion






–Henry Moray was widely known for his remarkable energy machines. Find out where he learned the fundamentals of his amazing work.
T.Henry Moray





Cold Fusion

–Many have heard of Cold Fusion and the science soap opera of Pons and Fleischmann during the late 1980’s. It seems the topic is hot again with experiments continuing to show extra heat being generated.  Sir T shared how the technology is neither cold nor fusion!

Many of you remember the excitement of first hearing about cold fusion on the news around 2 decades ago, then devotedly following the story for the next few years as it was slowly “debunked.”

What happened to Pons and Fleischmann?  Where did they go, and what is the real story of this proven technology dubbed “Cold Fusion”?

Below is a youtube video for reference of the “official story” only.

Sir Timothy sets the record straight on tonight’s program.

Cold Fusion Hot Again






Questions & Comments:

C: Dr. Glenchur is a Christian she has a book out and yes Michael the Arch Angel, I bring this up because Brother Kyle and Sir T talk a lot about sending Angels out to help!‏


Q: Does Sir T have any info on what Exactly is happening now at Fukushima and his thoughts about Fukushima?‏


C: Royal Rife (Reefi) discovered a way to use energy to heal people.  It is known that HAARP can be used in the same way to cause specific illness over a large geographical area.  If this were to happen with HAARP against people, what is the solution to combat this problem?‏


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