World Healing Crusade



The first part of world healing:

God is sending his children and his servants all over this earth, to many states of USA and to many nations to Teach and Demonstrate His Great love and compassion to help and heal sick people everywhere.

World Healing Crusade

If you would like to see miracles, talk to any and all churches near you.  See if the leadership is open to having the power of God taught and demonstrated in that church.


We are happy to go and to teach and to demonstrate in any church that has more then 200 people and are open to the Power of God in their church. And open to World Healing.


Thousands have been healed of cancers, paralysis, blindness & lameness.  Deaf ears have been opened.  Many have been delivered from poverty, under this Ministry.  And God will continue to do these things, during this Crusade.




The second part of world healing:

Energy machines are needed for the earth to get off the fossil fuel addiction.  Fossil fuels and nuclear power plants are destroying this beautiful planet God has given us.


God’s word says that God will bring to ruin, those who ruin the precious earth. Revelation 11:17&18.


God is calling 10,000 people to each donate 1,000$ or more to raise the funds needed for the Quantum Energy Machine Factory.


Some will donate more and other will donate less. But it will all balance out.


God is speaking to many hearts even now.

World Healing Crusade

If you feel a passion to get involved, then God is calling you to participate. Pray about it and do as God leads your heart.  If you can not do a one-time gift of 1000$ then perhaps God is leading your heart to do 84$ a month for a year.  Or some other amount as God leads.  Just pray about it and do as God leads.


As a Bonus Gift, once the goal is reached, all those who have donated, or in other ways participated, will get the plans and the right to build up to 5 easy-to-build machines for their own personal use.


Imagine never having to pollute the planet with fossil fuels again!


Imagine never having to pay another utility bill again.


Imagine being able to be self sufficient on your own spot of ground, Grow your own food, Year-round if you like. Be free from the rat race. Be free from the jobs you hate.


God is offering you this freedom NOW!


Will you participate and make this happen for yourself, your family and for your world?

World Healing Crusade

The third part and the first part. Ways you can help.

1. As mentioned already find churches and/or other Earth loving and God fearing groups that are in favor of World Healing. Ask them to contact us to schedule your group in for meetings as part of World Healing Campaign. (We would like to do one or two every week.)


2. Pray about it and listen to your heart, as to what God would have you do. Then Do It.


3. When the funding goal is reached, you will get your simple easy to build gravity motor plans. Build it.


4. Enjoy your new found freedom! And freedom for our children and their children! On a Healthier Cleaner Earth!

World Healing Crusade

If we each do as God is leading our hearts, Together we can bless ALL the billions of lives on this planet!