From: Leni Tuazon in Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Week of 12-8-2011

How World Improvement Ministry Help Me and My Grandfather


With all the suffering and turmoil in this world, retaining joy in our lives is paramount. Joy can help give hope and peace in your life even when the entire world seems to be crumbling around you. It is this type of joy we seek after and can be found by following some simple advice from the Scriptures. No matter what age we are, we will always be considered by God as His children. God is sovereign in the heavens, the earth, and all of creation, and we are a part of His creation. It is God through God whom we trust who provides for our needs, just as a child looks to one’s parents for his or her needs.


This is some of the part that World Improvement Ministry has taught me…. Before I met them, my life is full of dark. I have many problems, I ask God why this happen to us. Our house has been destroy by fire, our money and things is gone. My grandfather suffer stroke, my grandmother died because of what happen to us. I cannot work, I cannot think, I always cry. But one day, I was looking for an online job so we can have an income. I found Witts Ministry. They helped me find work, but before that I told them my problems…


It’s an answer prayer, I know God gave Witts Ministry to us to help me to get out of dark side of the world.. Sir Timothy and Witts Ministry became his instrument to enlightened my mind and my heart on how God is good, how God is great, how God loves me so much. Witts Ministry taught so many things about God. I became to know God because of them. They open my heart.


Thank you Witts Ministry for helping me in my healing process. A great deal of stress has melted away from my consciousness. The wonder of life has entered my Soul again! Your healing work is powerful and life-changing. Even is a clear channel to the spirit world. I would highly recommend Witts Ministry to anyone on the path of self-awareness. The world needs more true healers. I feel so blessed because I got to work with one.

Witts Ministry help not only me, they also teach me on how to help my grandfather to be healed. My grandfather has stroke.. He could not talk, he could not walk, his hands could not move… He could not move at all…


I knew my grandfather would die if we did not receive help. I did not have money to bring him to the hospital, but Witts Ministry taught me divine healing.


This healing, granted to faith, has been the source of rich spiritual blessing to me. I have clearly seen that the Church possesses in Jesus, our Divine Healer, and an inestimable treasure, which she does not yet know how to appreciate or how to appropriate.



I have been convinced anew of that which the Word of God teaches us in this matter, and of what the Lord expects of us; and I am sure that if Christians learned to realize practically the presence of the Lord that heal, their spiritual life would thereby be developed and sanctified. This was taught by Witts Ministry to me.. I did divine healing to my grandfather.

Right now, my grandfather is recovering. He is walking slowly. My grandfather is slowly talking. My grandfather is moving, my grandfather can move his hands. Witts Ministry loves my grandfather so much. Without medical science, my grandfather is healing and that’s an intervention done by God which taught by Witts Ministry to me.



I thank God because HE send Witts Ministry to us. I know HE do this because He loves us so much. He send his instrument via Witts Ministry to teach us Divine healing. Thanks Witts Ministry. Thank you so much for healing my grandfather, thank you so much for opening my eyes because God loves us so much. Thank you so much because you teach me divine healing. Thank you so much for getting me out in dark side. Witts Ministry thank you so much for helping in everything and continue helping us with our needs. Thank you so much for helping us not to live in evacuation center already, or on the streets as we did for many weeks. You help us to find an apartment. You provide us in our needs.


Leni Tuazon and Grandpa (Pedro Tuazon)