Received 12-8-2011

From: Jacqueline Abquilan

To: Witts Ministries2014

Sent: Thursday, December 8, 2011 10:50 AM

To the World Improvement Team,

Thank you WITTS for helping us me and to my grandmother,


My grandmother Rina is already 87 years old and she had high-blood pressure and UTI. she had maintained medicine for almost 5 years and later on we stop it because of lack of source of income, mean we don’t have money to buy for her medicine everyday. Sir Timothy Thrapp and World Improvement Ministries group help us praying and teach me divine healing and teach me study God word.


Grandmother healed now from high-blood pressure and UTI by the power of GOD. Her blood-pressure is normal now. and no more maintained medicine.

Thank you so much WITTS ministries especial to Sir Timothy Thrapp.


Your Little Sister in Jesus,

Jacqueline Abquilan