Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on God Will Make A Way!

Guest/Topic: Kyle Smith – BELIEVING & Divine LOVE, The Doorway to God and His Treasures!



Greetings in the loving name of Jesus Christ!


All are invited to join us this evening!


The Title of this evenings teachings is:


“God Will Make A Way!”


Last week Sir T taught on God’s great rescues, Past and Present. This week it is God’s great rescues, Present and Future!


In God, The Best Is Yet To Come!


God is so good!


Excellent teachings, you do not want to miss!


Our Guest is our dear brother, anointed by the Holy Spirit, brother Kyle Smith.


He will be sharing about BELIEVING, (And divine LOVE) the doorway to God and His treasures.


Believing, What does it really mean?


How does it work?


How can we have more of God in our lives?


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God Bless You All! And we will see you there!


10PM Eastern USA time. www.justin.tv/worldimprovement


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