Received 12-2-2011:
Hello everyone at WITTS :)
Amazing stuff, I’ve been watching the show live for weeks now. I can’t get enough. Ive been asking questions and Sir T gives awesome answers. WITTS feeds my soul. My local church doesn’t do that for me. I recently became a covenant partner!! Yesterday actually, I’m looking forward to it. 
My name is SkyzaLimit as you may or may not already know.
And I spend my week thinking up questions for Sir T that I’ve been looking for answers for my whole life :)  
He’s answered more in 4 weeks then I’ve learned in years! haha , I love it.  I was raised a Christian and I fell off the wagon for quite a few years, about 12.  I was mad at God for various reasons but it was because I didn’t understand properly.  Sir T has a way of explaining the Bible so that anyone can understand clearly, even if you’ve read it 100 times. It did not make sense before, but it all makes perfect sense now.
I’m right into freedom and the end Of the world stuff and free energy and family! All the good things in life.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Alex Jones stuff and I’m not convinced he’s on the right path, I like how he exposes the NWO and there evil, but I’ve noticed that he doesn’t really offer any solutions, which is why WITTS has become my new favorite website of All Time! : )
I’m wondering did info-wars ever contact you with an advertising package ?  I’ve sent them 4 emails now recommending WITTS all with no response.
The whole God created ETs and some of them are helping us, thing, really gets me excited. I’ve never heard a preacher/teacher talk about ETs as part of Gods creation, they have all been demonized. I’m really looking forward to next weeks broadcast.
I’m slowly working on building a 40kw conduit, I’m not an engineer or a machinist though, but luckily I’ve found a Christian man who is a machinist. He is installing his new plasma cutter now and I hope to start cutting steel soon. Hopefully before the financial collapse.
Anyways, in the future I will be making some prayer requests. There are a few areas in my life that need work.
Thank you or everything you do for Gods people .
God Bless You All!
Justin Hill – SkyzaLimit