Sir Timothy shared an inspired teaching on “Hear and Be Healed! – Luke 5:15”  Then Brother Martin and Sir T continued the un-program with other fascinating areas of discussion, including a well-done review of the scale of the solar system we live in, and an interview from former Lockheed scientist and researcher Boyd Bushman, who says he worked on many unique projects, including those utilizing antigravity.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Hear and be healed!”

This week we look forward to Sir T teaching on: “Hear and be healed!” -Luke 5:15




Technology & World Highlight:

–God audibly speaks to Benjamin Baruch and has shown him what’s to become of America. Is this a reality that must come to pass or is there another outcome?

God Took This Man To the End of America-What He Saw Will Shake You To the Core!




–Former Lockheed senior research scientist and engineer speaks about advanced technology including antigravity and power systems.

Boyd Bushman On Antigravity




Amazing Physics: Fluid Dynamics and Quantum Levitation in Action




–We are taught about the solar system and the planets orbiting our sun. Can we really fathom the sizes and distances involved? Here’s a wonderful view of our local cosmic neighborhood at scale that will bring it into perspective.

To Scale: The Solar System







Questions & Comments:

Q:  Did Jesus create a government called the Reign of the Heaven?

Q:  Is there any technology that can detect prayer?  If so, how far away can it be detected?

Q:  Dark matter is anti matter?

Q:  The Lockheed Scientist said that the Doctor shot down the Roswell craft.  Was it “Doctor Who”? 🙂

Q:  Is Cern creating a teleport wormhole?

Q:  If the bride of Christ is not a single person, and the great harlot Babylon is not a single person, and the beast of Revelation is not a single person and the woman and the man child mentioned in Revelation 12 not single people, WHY is it concluded that the Antichrist is a single person???  -I say that the Antichrist IS NOT a single person but rather a body of people.  This Antichrist is present now but not yet recognized.  The spirit of the Antichrist was present in the time of the writing of Paul’s epistles!

Q:  Was Bob Boyce working with you sir T on that flying saucer?

Q:  (Was the name of the fellow, you were describing, who created antigravity using magnets named) Charles Hall?

Q:  What do you think about John Searl’s craft?

C:  I have heard of “Jump-Rooms”. Where people enter a room and then end up physically a far distance away within seconds.

C:  This from facebook: Damjan Zabovnik: “Battle Mountain, Nevada. Damjan sets his personal best 128,755 km/h (80.005 mph). This put him on the second place in the category men, single rider. It is Slovenian speed record and the fastest on Earth for designer-builder-rider in one person. The deraileur shifted from 1st gear directly to the 3rd gear, so 3rd gear was used all the way from 50 km/h to 129 km/h in the last run. Plus the last part of that fastest run was made on a flat rear tire and he lost control over the Eivie 4.2 speedbike and crashed it 300 meters after the timing area in his final Saturday evening run. Damjan is OK, bike needs a new shell. The team will try to attend in the next year again if they get sufficient support”

Q:  Can random number generators measure prayer?  (There have already been experiments like this bearing real results -RU)

C: If prayer can be detected, it can theoretically be persecuted and interfered with.  I say this with the end times prophesies in mind regarding the abolition of the daily offerings.






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