Sir Timothy shared an inspired teaching on “Healing Body and Mind!”  Then Brother Martin and Sir T continued the un-program with discussions ranging from Good People in the world to water droplets.  Always a fascinating broadcast!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Healing Body and Mind!”

This week we look forward to Sir T teaching on: “Hear and be healed, for the body and mind!”




Technology & World Highlight:

–We are inundated with news and programming making the world seem populated with so many evil and bad people. Let’s take a look at how most folks really are… good and wanting to help each other.





–Recently Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen, appeared to lose her senses and composure while speaking at Massachusetts’ Amherst college. The heat in the kitchen is becoming too hot?

Yellen Speech




Thailand True Sad Story Unconditional love will touch your heart. [English Subtitle]




–Drops of food coloring seem to animate and dance around by themselves and had stumped scientist for years. Here’s what they came up with.

Why these colored water droplets seem to come alive











Questions & Comments:

Q:  Did Jesus say anything else to her bro Martin?

C:  Thanks for sharing your family story Martin, our prayers are with you

C:  Thanks bro Martin for the update.

C:  I’m so thankful for our good news Timothy Praise the Lord.  Very heartwarming video.

C:  People need people, people are team workers.  Love is beautiful.

C:  Thanks to all who prayed for me. After 3 days of not being able to sit-up or stand. 5 chiropractor house-calls & all your prayers I’m able to stand again (with some help from a walker). Praise Jesus

C:  Had to move 2 rooms of furniture and 100lb+ UPS — that an too much pasta — put too much stress on lower back. Vertebrae L1 got the worst of it.

C:  I need a vehicle every day.  My friend & I prayed for a truck.  The Lord helped me find a nice replacement for my truck.  Please pray the last details will wrap up on this on this.  Thank you so much.

C:  What is right is true love.  When the quality of life is betrayed by betraying Rights, so is the value of all human life betrayed.

C:  If we seek to answer God’s prayers, he will be quicker to answer our payers, Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

C:  As the economic lies get bigger, they become more visible.

C:  When we start to value each other for our highest value, we will quickly become very wealthy.

C:  Counterfeit Economics is the biggest cause of all health problems, physical, mental, economic, social…

C:  For What It’s Worth, I had 24/7 back problems before glucosamine sulfate… rebuilds joint cushion






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