Sir Timothy shared an inspired teaching on “The Word of Knowledge!”  Our guest this week Brother Max shared inspiring thoughts and Godly ideas.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Word of Knowledge!”

This week we look forward to Sir T teaching on: “The Word of Knowledge!”




Technology & World Highlight:

–Is there evidence of a world police force that circumvents the United States Constitution and the sovereignty of people across the globe? No doubt policies seem to be heading that direction.
Obama Administration Launches UN’s Global Stasi Network




–Plasma models, speed of light, illuminati rituals, CERN and the large Hadron Collider. What does all this mean? What’s really going on with these experiments?
Watch this !! CERN Sept. 2015 ” We shall all be con.C.E.R.N.ed ” A must see !!! HD HQ

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Guest: Brother Max

Brother Max joined this week and shared inspiring conversation.





Questions & Comments:

C: Speaking the different ways God speaks in our lives: In my life I have come to see that God speaks in life’s circumstances. For instance if I am dealing with a stubborn person, it may be that God is telling me I need to work on my own stubbornness between me and God.

C: Regarding God speaking: john butera – At Jesus’ Baptism and on the Mount of Transfiguration we have GOD audibly Speaking!!!!

C: God speaks the clearest

C: Thanks Brother Timothy (for the teaching)

C: Adrienne (in Nevada) – I always get God’s love through the teaching – great teaching     Bro Kyle S – likewise

Q: can we as Christians Pray (right now on the show) that these Evil doers begin to Reap what they have sown?   Or, are we commanded to bless them only?   I would think if they did reap what they sow they would repent.

C: The “Statue of Liberty” is a model of the Greek God “ISIS”. “ISIS” was also an acronym for “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” (Quoted from an expert researcher on the subject in a 1980’s television interview.)

C: Hate is a trait that returns every turn, as pain begets pain, the end is all the same.

C: “Terrorism is the war of the poor. War is the terrorism of the rich.” -Sir Peter Ustinov

C: Chaos is job security, (and) job security is slavery

C: Regarding the Cern video, and the mention of the rings of Saturn, Saturn is mentioned in the bible under other names including Remphan, raiphan, Kewan, Kayawanu, Chiun, Saturn, Sakkut, Siccuth, and Saturn. It is mentioned in Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43 as a warning or judgment.   It is paired with mention of the demon Moloch in the same sentence.   It pays to look into this and understand its relevance to our lives today. Also one of the poles of the planet Saturn is in the shape of a hexagon or hex. Google it.

C: By the way, that dancing bit at the end of the Cern video was pretty bizarre.

C: Seems the Elite will set-up more false flags with ISIS on our soil which will give them a perfect segway into Martial Law…praying that we will have a lot of time before that occurs.

C: I have heard some incredible interviews by Anthony Patch about CERN, and what they are trying to accomplish and why SHEVA is the statue out front of it.

C: I love dancing but that dancing was creepy

C: lets all Dance, it is all ok

C: Communism breeds poverty     – When the highest human value= intelligence is betrayed by counterfeit economics; people go insane.

C: Let the serenity of the holy spirit guide us in all things. Justice is mercy.

C: I tell ya what there is a spirit of laughter here tonight!

C: Thanks for story (of healing) Timothy

C: God gave us a song for the super spirit power that he gave us.   I will send it into the show when we have time for it.

C: A very good quote Max.     Peace be with you all forever Amen.

C: for we LIVE by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Brother Max you gave that brother a injection of life!

C: Thanks for your wisdom Brother Timothy.   – Thanks Brother Max for your inspiration

C: I have heard of thousands of times overunity (is possible). What is the most you have seen Timothy?








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