Sir Timothy shared an inspired teaching on “How to Raise the Dead!” Our guest this week Brother Eric Pelkey shared some great thoughts.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “How to Raise the Dead!”

This week we look forward to Sir T teaching on: “How to Raise the Dead!”  An unusual topic but relevant given the recent events that have transpired!


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Technology & World Highlight:

–Are small orbs analyzing the chemtrails? High resolution video seems to show something “shooting” from the front of a UFO while transversing a recent trail.

UFO (ORB) Fires Its Gun into Chemtrail!! Twice!!



–The next stage of advanced camouflage may be nearly impossible to spot.

New technology makes troops invisible




–Retired general Wesley Clark speaks about how the sequence of wars in the middle east were planned decades ago.

Plans for Middle East – U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark | HD 1080p




–An inspiring young duet from China singing a wonderful rendition of You Raise Me Up.

中国新声代 李成宇 谭芷昀 《You Raise Me Up》







Guest: Brother Eric Pelkey

Brother Eric joined this week and shared with us some very worthwhile thoughts.





Questions & Comments:

C:  HALLELUYAH the dead are raised!  –  Being born of Yahweh has to be the greatest miracle

C:  Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven

C:  I think they meant people instead of electricity that traveling the path of least resistance

Q:  What is the best way to make a living serving the Kingdom of the true God; I see that WITTS Ministries is organized to serve Kingdom economics.

C:  Together we are more than when alone

Q:  You sure those (singers) aren’t genetically modified children? ..hah wow

C:  There is a huge push for God right now in movies, music, church shows…God is trendy again   –  then they can grow closer to God once they discover they need Him.

C:  The point of “Hanna Montana” is to catch em or hook em while they are young. And she steers that audience for years to come.

Q:  (regarding the invisibility cloak) would a heat sensor see them?

C:  The truth about corruption is almost funny.    –  A war upon the value of human life.  –  People get paid by counterfeit economics to ignore the sacred truth.    –  Democracy = the bribed ignorant mob rule (“mobocracy”)

Q:  Is this (or any war) a banker’s war?

C:  I have come to the conclusion that most people cannot wake up to the truth. It is impossible in varying degrees. It is one of the most mind blowing things I have ever witnessed in my life.


C:  This Evil has to end We must pray and Command these evil doers be stopped.    –  How about a prayer time on WITTS and specifically pray for or take authority over Specific issues?

C:  The bottom line is that all war is just a front for Satan’s war on God and humanity and all of God’s creation.  Always trace to the root lest you be deceived by puppets.

C:  Pray always and serve the best people.   –  when we serve good people we invest in our best life and future.    –  when you serve good people you are serving all people.

C:  I disagree.  We should serve ALL people. We are all one, we ALL matter.

Q:  What do people here consider is on the way?   –  I am curious how many people here have some sense that something very dark is coming?   –  I have a disturbing sense that people generally are slowly slipping from sanity and rational thought.  Anyone else?

C:  Speaking for myself according to what I have heard from God: continue to be productive. Things may be progressing to the end of the age but it may be unwinding slower than it looks.

C:  I agree with Bro Rand – I have had the same reveals.

C:  Anti-Christ comes as an angel of light = a creation of people betraying the true God with counterfeit accounting.

C:  …I am seeing strong that the Antichrist is not just a single person but rather a movement animated by the spirit of Antichrist.

C:  The plan of deception is thousands of years old, the people are led to the slaughter to make a few rich.

C:  people are taught to seek security in corrupt popularity.

C:  While we celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles many people were healed of pain and many other sicknesses as well as some deliverance from evil spirits.    –  One person did not believe so he would not tell me were he was in pain, so I said Yahweh new were he was in pain and commanded healing and his jaw dropped as he was healed.   –  All these things were done in the name of Yahshua the Messiah.

C:  Halleluyah! I can truly see the need for more laborers…    –  I am seeking to be as a child, a child of the most HIGH YAHWEH HIMSELF.    –  May he raise us up to be just like him and his son!

C:  A little child is honest and ever learning until they are taught counterfeit economics

C:  God can give you guidance if you pray and ask.

Q:  Here is a question from far left field: how many believe (future cataclysmic) events will involve (E.T.) “aliens”? (and not those from across the border)






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