Sir Timothy shared an inspired teaching on “Forget NOT, All HIS Benefits!”. Brother Martin joined to discuss interesting topics as always, this week including Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity & Dielectricity.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Forget NOT, All HIS Benefits!”





Technology & World Highlight:

–Are those TV personalities, politicians and VIPs actually who you think they are? It could be they are someone or something else entirely.

Shocking totally shocking !!! (8) There creating humans called synthetics.




Unifying Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity & Dielectricity as ONE THING ONLY













Questions & Comments:

Q:  If there are ET’s in touch with earth, they must have advanced technology.  If they have advanced technology, they must have technology for healing the body of any life form including humans.  If they have advanced technology for healing but they do not use it to heal those in need, does this make them bad guys?

C:  Loyalty and commitment is the highest value.

Q:  Can we corporately take authority over 9-23-15?  That date is showing up in bizarre ways which usually precedes a big false flag.

Q:  This is from the book of Daniel chapter 8.  See verse #10…..   8The goat became very powerful. But at the height of his power, his large horn was broken off. In the large horn’s place grew four prominent horns pointing in the four directions of the earth. 9Then from one of the prominent horns came a small horn whose power grew very great. It extended toward the south and the east and toward the glorious land of Israel. 10Its power reached to the heavens, where it attacked the heavenly army, throwing some of the heavenly beings and some of the stars to the ground and trampling them. 11It even challenged the Commander of heaven’s army by canceling the daily sacrifices offered to him and by destroying his Temple. 12The army of heaven was restrained from responding to this rebellion. So the daily sacrifice was halted, and truth was overthrown. The horn succeeded in everything it did.d

Q:  Do you have an estimate when the kingdom will roll forth and fill the whole Earth?

Q:  Does Sir T have any experience with Od energy discovered by Baron Reichenbach and described in the book “Lost Science”?

C:  Western medicine is amazing in an emergency.  But as for health maintenance, no way.

Q:  Is the small horn the USA?

Q:  Rand Urban: I have been studying book of Daniel intently lately.  Little horn is State of Israel.  It is the Antichrist.  The prophesies will happen through it.




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