Sir Timothy was back this evening and continued his teaching on “21 Reasons to Bless God, and put Him first, in all we do!”.  Chocolate or Silver? An interesting video shows everyday people just don’t see value correctly.  Our Guest Brother Max joined to discuss inspiring things including art, science, living water and the possibility of ETs.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “21 reasons to bless God and put Him first, in all we do”

THE most important technology of all time!




Technology & World Highlight:

–Electrical engineers are demonstrating the natural reality of the electric sun and cosmos while the physicists seem to be playing catch-up with their theories.

The Electric Sun (Circuits In Our Skies)

From 9:44




–An interesting social experiment: Have a bar of chocolate or have a bar of silver?

People Choose Free Candy Bar over Free 10 oz Silver Bar (Worth $150) in Experiment




–The Native Americans had remarkable wisdom long before being discovered and given a “proper education”.

Native American ~ Words of Wisdom









Questions & Comments:

C:  Technology of spiritual laws.   – To love God is to love yourself and your neighbor, knowing what is good and best.   – When the holy spirit speaks trough us we serve the will of God (which is an amazing experience).   – the glory of God serves all.

C:  The simple harmony of Nature is eternal beauty. – Sacred truth is harmony.

C:  Sounds really good Max!

C:  Nice harmony – Thanks Max!     – Amen Max

Q:  (Max), Were do I send my money to get the CD or MP3 download?   – Your song takes us someplace divine — a lingering blissful feeling!

Q:  Max, could you share some of the cool stuff you see God doing in your life lately?

C:  (With regard to fast food) Fast and cheep is not the best life style

C:  Creation is abundance, share it in God’s will.

C:  I (Tom Linebaugh) went to the Elijah Challenge again near Houston again a couple weeks ago, so I ministered to the homeless in the area and saw multiple healings!     – In Acts 19:6 And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spoke with tongues, and prophesied. I saw this happen to one of the homeless men Derek,   – I had the Holy spirit minister to him after he and this homeless lady were healed.       – Michele the homeless lady asked for healing in her mind, and as I laid hands on her head an evil spirit moved around as it manifested pain in her head   – then i commanded it to leave and it did, and her mind was healed     – the next day she was angry with me because she was trying to get drunk as usual, and she could not get the high by getting drunk.     – Derek had the Holy Ghost come upon him, and he could only babel and not speak English for about 10 to 15 minutes and as his English came back, he was seeing Yeshua and prophesying about Yeshua.     Tom Linebaugh – At the Elijah Challenge we saw a man about 34 born deaf, healed and now he can hear.     – Multiple healings, Gall stones gone, Arthritis gone, pain gone, a lady with knee problems, healed and I had her climb the stairs which, she could not do before! Hallelujah!!!

C:  Regarding the two pictures: The artist could have had the same vision as the photo because it is an image of the real thing given to both the painter and the photographer.

C:  I just found the calculations for Planck Energy (Vacuum Energy) 1.956 GigaWatts. In the movie Back to the Future the Flux Capacitor needed 1.21 GigaWatts = PlanckEnergy/phi (the Golden Ratio)

Q:  QUESTION…. I have to get a flu shot or lose my job what does Sir T recommend? I hate the very concept of it.

C:  Dissociative Identity Disorder is very serious. Very few have the gift of being able to help these people effectively.

C:  If John resists he could be the next national news story!  Do as God leads because God’s plan is bigger and better than ourselves.

C:  Brother M – You Did the Same Thing (?) with your Internet USA Provider Company in Texas :((

C:  I have heard that sometimes the homeopathic vaccination is accepted. This occurred with my brother’s son who would not have otherwise been able to attend school.

C:  We have spiritual flows within our minds, like the spirit of knowledge, spirit of wisdom, spirit of worship, and so on.

C:  I am getting perma-smile watching these shows




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