Sir Timothy taught on the topic “Fearless! – 1 John 4:18”;  Sir T demonstrated some quite visible differences between Ferromagnetic materials (those well-known materials attracted to magnets), and the lesser-known Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic materials, and related them to quantum energy and gravity!  Also, some different methods of levitation were discussed.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Fearless! – 1 John 4:18”

Contrary to many popular opinions, Fear and Worry are NOT fruits of the Spirit!

Sir T explains how Love and Faith are so important…

And what you should do to get Fear and Worry OUT of your life.



Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–Healing verses for any time you want to hear God’s word of healing and encouragement.

50 Healing Verses – soothing music

–Another method of levitation utilizing standing acoustic waves to manipulate small objects in 3D space. Interesting phenomenon no doubt!


–A superconducting disc suspended above or below a set of permanent magnets. Sir T will have an explanation of the forces involved with this intriguing demonstration.


–One of Aaron Russo’s last messages to Americans before he passed in 2007. Aaron was an outspoken opponent of the federal reserve bank and the IRS and was responsible for educating many folks about their criminal function.

Aaron Russo’s Last Message To Humanity

–Dr Patrick Moore, who claims to be an ecological expert, stated to this French interviewer that Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup was not responsible for skyrocketing cancer rates in Argentina. He offers to drink a glass since it is harmless to humans… whoops!

Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass




Questions & Comments:

C:  I have described “Love” as taking the concerns of another and putting them on as a vestment (Temporarily).  It is walking in the shoes of another.  It is loving your neighbor as yourself.

C:  If Christ loved us while we were still sinners, then we ought to love others though they be sinners (Just like our Father does).

C: Focus on love not the fear and the law of attraction will replace your fear/worry with love and fill your time with same.

C: all things are possible to him that believes…

C: great point sir t. we tend to focus a lot on God’s love for the lost. let’s not forget his tremendous love for his children!

C: I heard from Glenn Kimball acoustic levitation was how the pyramids were built. (Any thoughts on that?)

Q: Dr Judy Wood theorizes that the twin towers were disintegrated using energy waves. She cites much anomalous evidence such as toasted cars blocks away, objects going antigravity in the vicinity, energy readings, unusual and even “impossible” behavior of materials, etc.  What sort of energy would be able to do this?  How might it be generated and from where?

C: I heard someone allege (that the pyramids) were built from the top down (using antigravity.)  Any thoughts?

Q: I wonder if nano tubes could be made to do this without the super cooling?

Q: Sir T how do you make a copper wire into a super conductor? Without super cooling it? by frequency is there a rule of thumb on how to come up with the correct frequency?

Q: Is that what happens when you put a magnet next to your electric meter?

Q: What would you mix with copper to make a superconductive electro magnet that would produce how many times more magnetism?

C: In the Arron Russo interview by Alex Jones, Arron just starts to say that he is a Christian.  He lets enough out that it is unmistakable.  By the way, not all the information that Rockefeller fed Russo is the truth.  That was on purpose to mislead (on a certain point) those who listen to Russo.

C: Regarding tithing, God is just like us in that He looks for good places to invest His money.  When he finds someone who is giving a good return (Tithing), He invests His money there.  (Pretty simple stuff)

Q: How did Edward Leedskalnin (of coral castle) create antigravity?

Q: Where in the Grand Canyon is there evidence of the ancient Egyptians?

Q: With the motors that are enhanced with dominant energy, how do they get the dominate energy, an easy way explained? What is dominant energy and can it be made easily, examples

C: Thank you-very enlightening show. I am mindful and attempt to give each day by taking care of many families that even though they have little are very grateful for what they do have.



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