Friday, April 17, 2015

why tithe

Hello Dr J and the World Improvement Team!


I thought I would send you a testimony about what happened to me 2 days after becoming a covenant partner with WITTS.


I had been given a day’s holiday off work as orders were a bit slow, my wife was working 6 30am till 10am so I was home meditating for an hour.  Just before I meditate, I talk to the Lord in prayer thanking Him for everything He does for us.


At that time I heard the post being delivered, I continued with my meditation, then went to get the post after meditation.


There was only one letter from the Britannia building society in it was a cheque for £169 and an explanation that they had made a mistake when dealing with our mortgage 15 years ago!


I honestly believe it was God thanking my wife and I for our commitment and faith in becoming covenant partners with WITTS.


So I picked Ellen up from work at 10 and told her about the cheque.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to take a drive to our nearest beech and had great day.


In my opinion all of those three events were not just a coincidence it was a gift from the Lord.  The day off work, the cheque and the beautiful weather unusually warm for April in the UK we had a great day at the beech, breakfast, lunch and more money for us to tithe to WITTS all paid for by the Lord.


So I would encourage anyone to tithe, donate, or become a covenant partner with WITTS Ministry’s or give to anyone you feel is in need of your help.  The Lord loves to give to givers so they can give even more.


Feel free to use this testimony in any way you feel may bless someone.


God Bless You All At WITTS

Brother Alan G


Why tithe?  Anyone else have an experience like this?

(Feel free to share in the comments below.)