Sir Timothy taught on the topic “The God Kind of Love, and the Ministry of the Prophet in the New Covenant”;  The possibility of imminent failure of the US electric grid was discussed and a warning given.  Some preparedness ideas were brought forth.  Amazing healing powers practiced in alternative healing clinics in China, and several other topics were covered as well.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The God Kind of Love, and the Ministry of the Prophet in the New Covenant”




Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…


–The vulnerable electric grid is over a century old and has grown to become somewhat an Achilles heel of modern society. What is the impact of a major failure of this important infrastructure and what can be done about it?  This article was referenced in the discussions.

Real American Blackout: Will GridEx II Protect Against It or Ensure It Happens?

beginning to 8:20

–A short trailer from this new movie will have you inspired and believing anything is possible.

Official trailer – Little Boy – 4/24/15

–Powerful natural energies used not only to heal but other amazing feats. Also, the power of prayer being used to heal a tumor in an eastern hospital.

Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!)

–A remarkable testimony of what happens when a young man grows up practicing satanist rituals then struggles to find his way back from the dark side.

Satanist to Christian (INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY)

–Brief animation looking at man’s arrogance and his relationship with the natural world. Definitely makes the point.







Questions & Comments:

C:  I’ve thought for a while that an EMP would trigger a cascade of events leading to more major consequences.   I’m not sure this is a leading though.

C: By the way, I have set up crowdfunding to replicate the water heater.   Half of raised funds go to toward WITTS.

C: Re: Power Grid Failure: I am in agreement with Brother Tim Martin in my spirit.

Q: Sir T, when you (mentioned) water generators (earlier) what are you referring to?

Q: Sir T I have seen plans for running a gas generator on HHo, water splitting and or a dominate energy type Joe cell.     –  Are you familiar with this type of generator?

Q: There are many HHo plans, is this technology overuntiy?   The Joe cell is supposed to tap zero point to plasmatize air.  (Is this true?)

C:  Re: the former devil worshipper video: I just met a guy who was in bondage to drugs and gave his life to Jesus.  He had a testimony similar to this guy where the demonic would show up and bother him over and over for some time.  After a while they stopped showing up.  He is really of fire for Jesus.

C: Randall agrees with Bro Martin about power grid

Q: Can the sky-well be scaled down? (like for home use for instance)

Q: When will the sky well hit the gifts page? Maybe a junior model.

C: Are sky-well plans available for gift?

C: How many gallons a day (can the sky well produce) guys?

C: Houses would be so much less expensive with WITTS technology!


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