Sir Timothy shared about “Biblical Keys to Financial Success”; No guest this week, but we had lively discussion on several interesting topics: EMPs, CME’s and electric fields in humans scientifically shown to be extremely powerful…as powerful as a lightning bolt!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Biblical Keys to Financial Success”

Have you ever wondered why some Christians are successful and others flounder?

Does God desire that ALL his children prosper in every way, including finances?

Answers to these questions will be covered in tonight’s teaching.


Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:

–Two years ago an intense solar storm narrowly missed Earth. If it had hit, some researchers say we could still be picking up the pieces. We’ll discuss what the impact might be from receiving a direct hit of a coronal mass ejection (CME).
ScienceCasts: Carrington-class CME Narrowly Misses Earth




OU solar power supply

Debut of new power supply prototype this week! – Sir T demonstrated a unique prototype live during tonight’s program.  This new device has never been shown to the public.  Get the details of this amazing little box! (Now on the gifts page – search for OULS1p)





EMP Bomb Threat Scenario



Human Cells have Electric Fields as Powerful as Lighting Bolts -A Galaxy Insight




Questions and Comments:

C:  “Unusual thing about the show… Sir T is wearing a tie, 1st time in years.”
C: Have been praying against the chemtrails today
C: Power Prayer request: Bro Tom is a awesome man of God who has been dealing with some pretty serious spiritual warefare from the demonic realm.  I along with everyone in this ministry, we take authority over these outlaw spirits and whoop them in the authority of God and blood of Yahushua!  -Especially for his wife and children, and Brother Tom’s freedom.  The enemy shall not pass!
C:  I tell the truth, when I started giving Gods money (to Gods work) my whole life has changed..I was decieved to think it would be better to be selfish. …and I was for years.   I am redeemed. I am thankful
Q: Could you (agreeing in faith) please send about one month worth o rain in Southern California. We have a horrible drought here. Thank you.
C: I think the dark side is out to throw a rock into the ocean …  (they) Just landed on a meteor
C:  In Revelation it speaks of a Mountain of fire falling into ocean.
Q:  Hey Sir T, can chicken wire work ( as a good material to build a Faraday cage to guard) against EMP’s?     –  a poor mans fix is chicken wire and no doubt the power of prayer in Ynhashua the Messiah’s name
C:  Probably 5 years ago the US successfully tested a Laser weapon on a plane that shot down a target 300 miles away…if they want to stop a missile they can…
C:  I like the info on the EMP, but I hate the politicizing of the issue and this is an excuse to go to war on the part of the politicians.
Q: Will a lead lined bag stop an EMP?
C:  Wow that is a great light sir T!
C: Brothers I ask for your prayers for me to receive a blessing from the Holy Spirit for the “GOD Type of Faith”
C: stay away from the hospital and you probably be in good shape.

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