Sir Timothy shared about “Hastening The Day Of The Lord”; Guest Sister Adrienne Ritchie shared a message about the American Dream.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Hastening The Day Of The Lord”

See how you can participate in hastening the Day of the Lord.


Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:


–Here is an informative video demonstrating clever use of very inexpensive items to create useful and free electricity.  Sir T will have some additional suggestions on practical applications of these simple systems.

Free Energy:How to Utilize a Cheap Ceiling Fan for lighting 220V 5 watts Bulb?


–Learn how money works in our society today – It’s probably not what you thought!  Here’s an excellent clip detailing what some say is the biggest scam in history – The Hidden Secrets of Money.  Most folks know very little about how money systems fundamentally work.  This video will shed some light on this insidious system of theft and lies.

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money 4



–Does someone own the United States? How about the Federal Reserve System or the IRS? This short video will clarify the chain of entities that have significantly impacted your life but you’ve likely not heard how.

Who Owns America? 2


–Common cell phones emit electromagnetic fields that can be detrimental to health. Here is a simple method that may help in protecting yourself from these radiations.

Dirt Cheap DIY EMF Protection for Your Cell Phone!


–Here’s a motor SirT thought was important to show – by Youtuber “Lidmotor.”

Simple Motor -Part 2–the circuit



–Highly recommended…Once you’ve watched last week’s video from, this is the Q/A session you will want to watch.

Back to Eden Garden – Complete Tour –




Guest: Sister Adrienne Ritchie – “The American Dream”

Sister Adrienne shared a message about The American Dream.



Questions and Comments:

Q: Cant faraday cages be built for the entire grid? sounds like a great business idea

C:  I think that based on Revelation twelve (“the man child”), if the man child represents the part of the body of Christ who starts weilding the authority and power of God with great boldness, then the Lords return will be hasten by us weilding God’s authority as a rod of iron.  This is for us here and now.  This describes this ministry in my opinion.

Q: Who or what race does Sir T think that was on that ship or object that “adjusted” the sun?

Q: Are aliens after our gold?

Q: Will a standard ceiling fan from the U.S. work for generating electricity?

C: Sadhu says the US will be attacked by Russia… there is a Youtube video where he gives this prophetic word…..(what do you think about this?)

Q: I am feeling like the world is really uncertain lately.  This makes it tricky in deciding where to put my energy lately.  Any thoughts ?

Q: Is it true that Adam and Eve where the first people to not follow the terms of service from Apple?

Q: How do we relate to angels?  Brothers?   Masters?  Servants?  Do we thank them or do we thank God?

Q: Sir T have you heard of the 280.000 year old stone structures in South-Africa? there are apparently many millions of them. There are also many mines, where gold is removed, where is the gold gone?

C: Regarding the Gardener: Anybody remember Pastor Howard Storms testimony where during his conversation with Jesus he saw a golden age where people have mastered the ard of growing food by exercising Gods authority over the garden -where things will grow very quickly this way (like overnight).

Q: Does Brother Martin or Sister Adrienne have any first or second hand experience with ET’s?  (I already heard Sir T’s stories)

Q: Do you think it is possibe to call ET’s to make contact  with them?  How about so that we as a ministry can make friends with them?

Q: Did anyone read about the ebola nurse was exposed as being trained by the federal government?

C: I think it was skyzalimit who shared this on chat:


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