Sir Timothy shared more on the topic “The Word of Knowledge, The Gift of Faith, and Other Anointings (Gifts) That God Gives to His Children, Pt 2”; Guest Brother Kyle Smith exhorted the brethren to “Keep Fighting the Good Fight”.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Word of Knowledge, The Gift of Faith, and Other Anointings (Gifts) That God Gives to His Children, Pt 2”

See how you can excel in these gifts also!


Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:

–Steve Miller, former Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), admitted at a Congressional hearing that the taxes collected by the IRS are not mandatory — but voluntary.

IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary 2013





–Sir T had a vision similar to this brief reenactment of the last minutes during the life of Jesus on Earth. Sir T will explain what this might mean.

Joseph Prince – Calvary Animation Video (What Happened At The Cross)




–DNA analysis of the elongated Paracas skulls has shown that they may not be human. Could it be they are from an entirely different species that we’ve forgotten or know little about?

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls




–Can we restore land ravaged by man-made growing systems?  An inspiring message from a gardener who puts into practice the techniques God revealed upon asking for the answers. Could this be the way back to Eden? The results speak for themselves!


And another helpful video of Paul showing his amazing garden results and doing a Q&A with the observers there:





Guest: Brother Kyle Smith – “Keep Fighting The Good Fight”

His message is to keep fighting the good fight, we are building momentum in growing the Kingdom of God!



Questions and Comments:

C: Please join me in taking authority over the Measure in the Oregon Election concerning GMO Foods. Measure 92 requires labeling of GMO Foods. ( –  For labeling of GMO’s so people know what they are feeding themselves and their families.)   Please take authority with me in Jesus name! Blessings.

C: Christ bore our diseases so that we may be healed. Divine health is ours. Amen!      –  Salvation is wholeness, Financially, heath, salvation, all things we need! Amen!

C: We’re on the precipis of Global change . The devil and his minions are working hard to hold control of this planet.  But the inevitable will soon be upon us.. Christs Return :))

C: Wake up Church from thy slumber and reveal Christ to the world!  –  Find a problem and tell others how God can solve that problem

C: Adrienne Ritchie  –  Wow!! Wonderful story (read from the book)  and teaching!! Good evening all you nice WITTS folk!

Q: Are there German secret bases in Antartica?   My relative, Admiral Byrd, lost a major battle against “flying saucers” in Antartica. Nazis were implicated, but it could have been aliens.  (Your thoughts on this?)

C: I thought the Peracus skulls were 900 years old… (your thoughts?)

C: I don’t think the greys have teeth… (Your thoughts?)

C: Humans who Love Christ… Live ForEver.

C: A questioning place is better than a closed place.

C: Thank you so much for that video drama of the victory of Jesus for us!!!

C: (regarding the crucifiction animation) This is good! I got saved after I saw “Jesus Christ Superstar” when they hung Jesus on the cross! Now, I don’t necessarily endorse that movie, but…

C: just a thought…..lets pray on the GMO and all of our food sources to be health for our bodies instead of poison. God will provide it to us with our faith.      –  I am going to exercise this at the grocery store, costco everywhere glory to God

C: I love how God will answer so much more then I ever knew (will know in this walk on earth)

C: Jesus ministry was of the execution of authority and power.  We want to do likewise.

C: The holy spirit, angels and God will attract whoever he wants to us. The law of attraction is real, God can do it, we just need to ask him.  Then lead them to God.

C: If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?  It is our time to arise and shine.  It is always the time and place for the sons of God.  Isaiah 60:1 says: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.”

C: I like that -think about the pure the poweful the…..

C:  In  reference to the children of Israel coming out of Egypt: The KJversion says that they asked to “borrow” the gold, etc., which would have been disonest…–  SirT, that translation that says, “borrow”, it seems is not an accurate translation of the word… They actually asked to be given the items. or so I have heard taught.     Another definition is:  to inquire, request or demand…

C: We are sold into slavery because of the sins of this country.

C: Isaiah 9:6 Says “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”    Therefore THAT is the REAL government -the HEAVENLY government.  That is what is in OUR hands as the sons of God.  It would be evil not to exercise this heavenly-paid-for authority we’ve been gifted with.

Q: curious how did the account of the secret city get out?  Is this an accumulation of accounts?



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