Sir Timothy shared on the topic “The Word of Knowledge, The Gift of Faith, and Other Anointings (Gifts) That God Gives to His Children”;  Guest Brother Peter Grafeneder shared some of his amazing working knowledge of Effective Microbes.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Word of Knowledge, The Gift of Faith, and Other Anointings (Gifts) That God Gives to His Children”

See how you can excel in these gifts also!


Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:

Where are Effective Microbes (EM) found in nature?


–When the US media talks about the national debt, they seldom give the audience any perspective on the size of the numbers. With recent figures admitted to be around 17 trillion dollars (likely much bigger), now there’s a way to visualize how big that actually is!

$1 Trillion & US Debt in Physical $100 bills



–Are we being force fed nano-particles as part of a dark side agenda? Evidence is emerging that this is indeed the case without us knowing.

EVIDENCE EMERGES – Force Fed Nanoparticles By NWO!!!






Caller: Brother Peter Grafeneder – “Effective Microbes”

Tonight’s guest joins from Europe to discuss the benefits of effective microbes (EM).  This is some really great information not widely known here in the west!

He also gave a couple websites to start your search on Effective Microbes:  an Austrian company: or

He talked about Bokashi as well.



Questions and Comments:

C: Anyone see the guy from “Ghana that says ebola does not exist? (Thoughts?)

C: 17 Trillion is for Public Consumption as bad as that is. The True debt is more like 220 Trillion with UNFUNDED LIABILITIES added, a true debt. -Thats how CRAZY it is   – that is HOW CORRUPT it all is, and how FAKE too – That was a figure from 2010.

C: when did being in debt even the slightest become acceptable???

C: Debt is worse than slavery.   Slaves get free room and board.

C: Last week I heard that the Pentagon White Hats (good guys) took control of HARRP — away from the NWO guys. SURVEY QUESTION for 59 watchers: Has anyone seen ChemTrails in the last week?

C: Sir T, are you familiar with the John Ellis water distilled water machine? Can you comment about it?

C: The giant production of vegatable and fruits sounds like something out of the land of Canaan.   Numbers 13:23 says The twelve spies in the Promised Land.  23When they reached the Valley of Eshkol,a they cut off a branch bearing a single cluster of grapes. Two of them carried it on a pole between them, along with some pomegranates and figs.

Q: So this is a Probiotic Culture, can you Ferment foods with it???

Q: (is this) similar to kambucha?

Q: (So this is a Probiotic Culture, can you Ferment foods with it?) I am thinking foods like Yogurt or Kefir.   QUESTION…(please) ask the guest is his product can make Yogurt..

C: Allegedly, UPS is the only means of shipping without having your packages irradiated. If anything gets irradiated, it is dead. Just an FYI

Q: can you use them (the beneficial bacteria) in worm farms (are they good for this purpose?)

C: …so if EMF is bad for microbes then EMF is likely destroying our health

C: I worked with micro organisisms in waste treatment. They are everywhere

C: (Church leaders worry) If they (churches) talk about too many negative topics in church people won’t come back. sad isn’t it!!

C: Remember loved ones, really take it to heart about agreeing in faith that the Church awakens from it’s stupor. The real heavenly government rests on His shoulders and therefore our shoulders…If we exercise this authority in the Spirit.

C: Would you believe my internet router fried late last night. This resistance is becoming a regular thing here. I spent this morning scrambling to find another means of getting internet access for the show. I was scrambling again this evening and was late for the show as part of that. Enemy is busy with resisting me.

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