Sir Timothy shared on the topic “God’s Medicine, Pt 2 – to be taken 3 to 5 times a day until all symptoms disappear!”; We discussed some controversial videos, and had a health-instructive caller helped us understand Ebola better.  Our special guest Sister Claudia Smith shared what thankfulness and Psalm 124 has meant to her.  We also showed an over-unity inductive power system based on a Tesla Patent from 1894.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “God’s Medicine (Pt 2) – To be taken 3 to 5 times a day until all symptoms disappear!”

For anyone that is sick, or having symptoms of illness, this is a life giving teaching that you will not want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

–(Caution: contains language that some will find offensive)



How to get closer to God. Christian Mysticism

–Is there a systematic method to draw closer to God, resulting in a direct experience of God, All of which takes place within yourself?




“CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed – OFFICIAL VIDEO

–Incredible video of glacier ice on the move. Decide for yourself if global warming is a real phenomenon or just another doom scenario to implement even more tax and revenue schemes. Or both?




Full GEGENE Demo and explanation tutorial

–Full demonstration of the GEGENE (Great Efficiency GENErator) based on the Nicolas Tesla patent Number 512.340 patented on Jan 9, 1894. The main input coil of the generator is the coil of an induction cooker and the secandary coil is a bifilar flat coil.




First Case of Ebola HERE & Proof Bill Gates Wants to Use it as Depopulation Agent

–For your own further research, Brother David offered this video about the Ebola patents and CDC



Caller: Brother John Butera – “Ebola, The Ignorance and The Reality”

Brother Butera called in to add his health background to the discussion surrounding the current Ebola issue.  Is there more to the story than what the media is promoting?



Guest: Sister Claudia Smith – “Thankfulness and Psalm 124”

Sister Claudia called in and shared some of her thoughts about Thankfulness and about Psalm 124.


Questions and Comments:

C: I have come to realize that if I do not stand up against the devil in the authority of the Lord, he will grind me right into the dirt. This applies to everyone.

C: White horse = imperialism, red horse = war, black horse = banking, and green horse pathogens & plague …all through men’s actions. We at this ministry have caught on and stand agiant this from going any the authority Jesus bought for us, AMEN!

C: Tornados are energy driven and Prayer is the supreme energy

C: Well the criminals are injecting their kids too.. we dont take vaccienes.. they are bioweapons.
C: Sir T.. Have you heard of Captin kayle and his experiences in the Earth and Mars Defence Force ? He claims to have worked for 17 years on Mars.
C: Is HAARP blowing away the ozone layer?
Q: Did this (the glaciers melting) hit tv? I just thought the global warming fanatics would have promoted it.   Think any of it had to do with that meteorite. (over Russia?) I forget the name.
C: Regarding the way to meditate on God, my first guest appearance was about the results I got from employing this technique. What I experienced is even significant till today.C: Regarding the meditation video: SO TRUE – This is important!

C: (Regarding the flu shot) Mike Adams independently Tested the Flu shot!, It Contains 25000 Times the Safe EPA level of Mercury for water!!! 25K!!!

C: Regarding vaccines: the toxins in vaccines are many more times concentrated for smaller bodies.

C: If the pharma corporations make people sick, people become better customers of the same pharma corporations.

C: Just as evil cannot be propagated with a support staff of people making things move along, Good needs a support staff to be propagated in the world. Gentle reminder: customers of evil enterprises are part of the support staff for their evil actions.

C: There are videos showing how the ice caps have grown 40% in the last year. (What of that? It seems to contradict global warming conclusion)

C: (Regarding meditation) – Just today a customer where I work felt he should share how he had a vision of Israels Exodus. He experienced walking in the dry sand with the walls water.  Awesome for meditation.

C: If Ebola was something the media says we should worry about, do not worry -just think about fukushimaust, which the media says nothing about.  Just a random thought from Wisconsin

Q: What to do when vaccinations become forced?C: Answer to the last question I asked: practice using the power of God tirelessly and boldly so that when it comes to crunch time, I will be strong in the power of the Lord

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