Sir Timothy shared about “Biblical Keys to Financial Success, Pt2”; Our guest this week, Brother Damjen Zabovnik is a racer, setting world speed records within human powered vehicles.  As always,  we had interesting discussion on several interesting topics including the discovery of many unnatural objects found on the moon.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Biblical Keys to Financial Success, Pt2”

Does God desire that ALL his children prosper in every way, including finances?  Sir T shares part 2 of this teaching from The Word.


Technology & World Highlight:

Our Video’s Tonight Include:


–Researchers have been combing through vast amounts of data to find many structures and unexplainable objects on the moon’s surface.

Aliens On The Moon The Truth Exposed 2014 New SyFy Documentary




–Unusual images of the lunar surface seem to depict humanoid figures walking about. See for yourself!

Aliens Walking On The Moon, The Truth Exposed, Apollo 8




–This compilation documentary ties together many agendas to present the case for a systematic plan to dumb down the population.  There are some really good segments in this video for viewers to further investigate on their own.

The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda




–Additional interest in last week’s demonstration of the highly efficient portable lighting system prompted Sir T to bring it back this week to answer further questions.  This is now available on the gifts page.



Guest: Brother Damjan Zabovnik –  “Insights from a champion road engineer”

World record breaker and speed bike designer Damjan Zabovnik joined us tonight.  He shared his developments in human powered vehicles and his recent trip to North America training and testing his latest bike.


Damjan Zabovnik + Eivie IV = 129 km/h (80 mph), 2014

Brother Damjan’s Website:



Questions and Comments:

Q: All my brothers and sisters in Christ, tonight I ask all of you for a act of love in that you pray for me to revive a blessing from the Holy Sprit both for healing and faith. Thank you all. – I have come to believe that praying for someone is one of the Greatest act of Christ Love you can do.

C: God wants to do great things with YOU.   But, first you have to be surrendered to HIM….You includes your provision (money)… – Provision = that which was provided to you by Him.   – The more we surrender to God, the more He is able to do and DOES do in our life…more than you and I can imagine

Q: Was not the Tithe on the INCREASE of your flocks and crops?

C: Seek and you will find, ask in my Name and it WILL be Given, knock and the door WILL be open

C: Thank you for the great teaching!

C: The (most effective way to lie) is to tell the truth in such a way so that it will not be believable.

C: You still can’t get anyone in goverment to admit that Chem Plans are real!!!!!!!

C: Italy in court declared the MMR causes Autism…

C: The New Flu Shot contains 25000 Times the safe level of Mercury!!!!!!

C: Heres a thought… All Diseases are created by the devil and his cohorts.. even 6000 years ago

C: I reject their (the worlds) reality and replace it with God’s Reality

C: Hey sir T, 45 centigrade = 113 F

C: 107 body temp is amazing! crazy!

Q: Question for Damjan: Why does he go backwards? more aerodynamic? (Are there any others who race with this configuration?)

Q: Can the QEG be made overunity with its present coil or would it need to be rewound? With the QEG they are reaching resonance, but over-unity is proving evasive.

Q: Brother Damjan, Did you say your cadance at top speed is 19 or 90 cycles per second?

Q: Brother Damjan, How much does it cost in dollars and in hours to build your vehicle?


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