Sir Timothy shares on the topic “Steps to Receive Your Healing or Whatever You Need from God!”. Then, Pastor Howard Storm joined us to share his amazing experience of dying without Christ…Thankfully he came back, lived to tell about it, discovered Jesus Christ, and His love for him!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Steps to Receive Your Healing or Whatever You Need from God!”





Technology & World Highlight:

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Music: Matthew West: Do Something


Time to unslave humanity.  Actor and activist Woody Harrelson narrates this important documentary concerning our corrupt governments and corporations.  This evening we’ll present a brief excerpt and discuss what the solutions could be once awareness reaches the tipping point.

Woody Harrelson ‘Ethos’ Epic Documentary! Time to Unslave Humanity




Guest: Pastor Howard Storm – “The Horrors I Witnessed When I Died (And my Subsequent Turn to Jesus Christ)”

We will be welcoming former art professor and chairman of the art department at Northern Kentucky University, Pastor Howard Storm, best known as the author of My Descent Into Death, which is about his near-death experience (NDE).  He will be speaking on his experience of dying and being forced to the gates of hell, and being rescued by Jesus, and seeing many amazing things before being raised from the dead.  In video presented during previous programs, brother Storm described possible futures for not only the United States but the planet.  Tonight we’ll have time to hear more details and find out where his life has journeyed since the incident in 1985.

Brother Storm says “show up, and believe”, and see what amazing things God does!

Love the one you’re with.





Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: Clean energy question. Would buying a electric car be a step in the clean green direction or wrong direction. What’s your opinion? Thanks! ( I’ve been researching the all electric Nissan Leaf)

Q: Is the events of the book of Revelation unavoidable or is that all optional. And, how does the believer to see God’s word if all that does not come to pass? Any insight on that?

Q: I am feeling very frustrated with the Church around me that it seems impossible to wake up. In your opinion, what would Jesus say to this?

Q: Pastor Storm, you had an experience that explains why many people see a bright light and have a pleasant death experience even if they hate God.

Q: Pastor Storm, When did this near death experience happen?

C: Testimony: A few days ago, I taught a neighborhood kid how to pray when he told me he did not have a bike. I prayed with him asking God to provide one and I sent the angels to locate one and move it into his hands, -in Jesus’ name. I told Him it is done and to have faith that the bike is on the way. A couple of days later he showed up with a bike (a fairly nice one). He said his mom found its wheel-less remains and the wheels came from somewhere else.

This sort of thing is happening so often that it has become commonplace with me.

Praise God!

Q: QUESTION for Pastor Storm…ask about Alien Life in the Universe!!! How can we not be asking him this with Sir T’s Experience with Aliens.

Q: QUESTION for Pastor Storm…ask about Alien Life in the Universe!!!

Q: Question for Pastor Storm…how does he pray for people, like those needing healing or a miracle in their lives,

C: Pastor Storm, your testimony has effected so many, and I know so many have been saved through it! Especially your telling of how the demons tortured you. What a powerful wake-up call for all who are on the fence!

Q: How is God relationship done on other planets/civilizations in the universe -those that are not fallen?

C: Awesome testimony! Thanks for the encouragement!

C: Very good show! Amen to pastor Storm . very happy to spend this time with him!




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