Sir Timothy shares on the topic “There has never been a better day then our day today, to have adventures in God!”.  Guest By Video – Pastor Grubbs – recounts with his wife, several experiences of teleportation, and Sir T adds to that some of his own experiences.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “There has never been a better day then our day today, to have adventures in God!”

He shared “More Adventures In God!” And more “Close Encounters of The God Kind!” on tonight’s program!
Another Exciting Teaching From God’s word that you will not want to miss!

Jeremiah 33:3.  God promises those who call on Him will be “Shown Great and Mighty Things!”
This day these scriptures are being fulfilled more then ever!

Technology & World Highlight:

Sir T has some interesting information about particle accelerators and stories of peculiar phenomena that physicists observed but had no idea how to explain. It is quite ironic how those we are told are experts, are often left without answers and little to show for their billion dollar experiments.


Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include:

Music: Jeremiah 33.3.wmv


Missing 411 Documentary (Bigfoot)

Is there evidence supporting the existence of a creature known as bigfoot or sasquatch?  This week we’ll discuss the possibility of what these sightings might be and what they mean.




Guest: Pastor Grubbs – “Supernatural transportation experiences”

Supernatural transportation experiences. Brother Grubbs Interview. Part 1

Is supernatural transportation, sometimes also referred to as teleportation, something that is described in the bible? Pastor Grubbs recounts his experiences with angels and traveling to different locations to observe various events.






Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: Does organite make Orgon Generators?

C: Comment for the show: Over the last few weeks I am coming to understand that most people have a too small a idea of God………..God is infinitely GREATER then ever I can imagine, yet He chose me and you and Loves you perfectly and lives with in you (me) in spirit

C: If you think on how God loves you and in particular about how the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit LIVES within you, then HOW can you possibly lose any battle?!!!!!

Q: how do any of us get to the place where these folks were seeing and experiencing heaven supernaturally (while we still are here upon the earth)?

C: Since the devil is so bold in these days and so ‘in your face’, God has some surprise miracles up his sleeve that will confuse all the powers of darkness!

Q: There were several terms used talking about Transporting etc. the last one was “also called” what? (“Christian _________ ” )

C: Wow, that is interesting hearing Sir T talk about that big collider in Switzerland! Imagine that… just another big expensive scam. (Regarding the colliders) I guess that is the goal. To make a big noise and avoid learning anything practical that will change the world.

C: It is funny how little ol’ us get the real deal with the truth and explanation regarding the super collider and the rest of the world is in la la land. God is good to us indeed. That seems to be the God-order of things: taking care of His children

C: The charger can charge a battery of any voltage including a 12 volt battery. Most chargers on the other hand are made to charge just one type of battery.



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