Sir Timothy shares on the topic “Where Is Your Treasure?”.   Then, WITTS released it’s 3rd Big Gravity Motor Giveaway!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Where Is Your Treasure?”

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So it is vital to identify where and what our treasure is.  Because it is “Out of the heart that spring the issues of life” answered on tonight’s program.




Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include:



Sir T had a unique presentation tonight showing the Battery Charger/Quickener/Rejuvenator in action. He  demonstrated a common 12V battery that was conditioned to deliver more power out than what is going in to charge it. This amazing and yet simple exhibition of over-unity clearly shows that extra energy from the environment is readily available using novel concepts.

Over Unity Battery Demonstration




Another incredible over unity apparatus from 1939. Inventor William Skinner was able to multiply power from a 1/8th horsepower motor to run machines in his workshop, including a 12 foot lathe! This “gravity power” machine is quite impressive to see in action. Sir T will have some background information on not only its operation but also the history of the device.

Gravity Power! (1939)




Clark McClelland, former aerospace engineer and space shuttle fleet SCO (Space Craft Operator) at NASA for over 3 decades. He discusses details concerning what he’s seen in the space shuttle crew compartment… an 8 to 9 foot tall entity. This is further evidence that NASA is a controlled front for what’s really going on in space and throughout the universe. Sir T will also elaborate on the overwhelming evidence of the extra terrestrial involvement with our planet.

Disclosure Series 1 Clark McClelland – About Clark and about 8 to 9 foot tall entity





This week brother Stephan Alam from Pakistan joined us and shared a remarkable testimony on a recent automobile incident that included help from a couple of angels! This is another incredible event you’ll want to hear the details! Yes… angels.






Guest: (none this week) – “none this week”






Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: I got this today regarding heavenly treasures entrusted to us while we walk and work upon the earth: The kingdom of heaven was not established in full upon earth upon Messiah’s first visit. What then is it we need to be about in the mean time until he returns? The following is the answer:

In Luke 19:11-27 Teaches with the parable of the Talents (Treasures). The talents = truth that establishes the heavenly reality on earth. Truth is the light shining in a dark place. Truth spread throughout the earth is what is necessary that evil be overwhelmed by good. Then the kingdom of heaven on earth will be established in full. Amen!

Q: How small can the Q Generator be made , could you get to (the size of) a handheld unit ?
Q: What is the input to the battery charger?
Q: What would happen if you did the same experiment with a regular battery charger?
C: It would be nice to see the comparison (on a demo) with a “normal” battery charger and the differences in amperage.
Q: That gravity motor that was shown earlier, wouldn’t that be more a inertia drive rather then a gravity drive? It looked like it was using inertia rather then gravity to keep it going…
C: When Hitler was planning to wipe out the Jews, the American satellites were programed to draw or trace temperature differences down to half a degree in ground temperatures to track Hitler’s moves. The satellites drew a track that traced the exact trail of the Israelites’ exodus through the “red sea” as discovered by Ron Wyatt. I believe Ron Wyatt ll could say it much better.



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