Sir Timothy shares on the topic “You can’t take it with you… OR CAN YOU!”.  Brother Rand joined us and discussed real relationship with Christ, and some stark realities of what the devil’s mission really is.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “You can’t take it with you… OR CAN YOU!”

Well worth listening to and taking notes!

A portion of the notes (not all of them):

Jesus Gives us authority over ALL the power of the enemy…luke 10:10?

“send ahead” your stuff u can take with you.

Mt 6:19-21

Look on youtube, get good at the power of God – this is up to us NOW, and the free teachings are available like never before!

Kenneth e Hagin

Charles Capps

TL Osborne

Smith Wigglesworth


This version of the Internet and it’s open freedom we now enjoy should be treated as temporary.

The war upon humanity has already been declared, and is in full swing now.  But God is much greater than all the enemy.

Get this good stuff into your Spirit now – Learn and practice Faith Now – don’t wait till tougher times come!






Technology & World Highlight:


Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…

A planetarium in Brazil seems to show a massive disc shaped object stationed above earth. Is it a craft of some sort, or is it nothing more than a special effect? Tonight we’ll discuss if massive ships like this are possible and how disinformation experts marginalize all types of information creating confusion regardless of the truth.

3000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS?



Very large megalithic stone constructions have been found in Siberia that may dwarf previous examples of giant size masonary. This week’s short clip show some astounding images of massive granite blocks used in building long ago.

Giant Megaliths Found in Siberia Could Be Largest in the World






Guest: Brother Rand Urban – Perspective about Life in Christ

Brother Rand Urban would like to talk perspective about life in Christ.  Living in the world has a way of making us half blind.  That is, it is a singular point of view.  Seeing from God’s point of view puts everything in perspective. Jesus was (and is) very much about us seeing with the heavenly perspective.  Rand just wants to have a conversation to this effect.

Brother Rand showed a video of a South African girl getting demons cast out of her – a reminder of the devil’s ways and how he targets specific parts of the body of Christ.  But also a firm reminder that God is all-powerful – and the Church is here to do the mighty works of God!

EXPOSED! The High Priestess Of Hell!!!





Some Questions & Comments From the Show:


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