Sir Timothy shares on the topic “You Can Catch the Power of God!”.  We expanded a little on why WITTS has chosen the method they have for sharing these technologies with the world.  We highlighted another independent builder who is successfully heating his home with his version of the water heater, and has replicated the 3kw generator and the water heater successfully, and is currently using them both.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “You Can Catch the Power of God!”

Well worth listening to and taking notes!




Technology & World Highlight:


Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…

This week we had a very unique guest lined up, and although he was not able to join live, he has been contributing to WITTS Ministry for some time and has received numerous classes to learn about many of the technologies.  He’s successfully replicated not only the 3000 watt motor-generator system in multiple arrangements, but also built and incorporated the quantum water heater in his home requiring only a few hundred watts of power! Videos and pictures were shown. Hopefully we will have him on in the next week or two to also hear about how his life changed dramatically after a death episode, experiencing no heartbeat for over 20 minutes.  Brother Macht joins the growing number of successful WITTS scholars!

[] Another Independent Engineer Verification #1065



In 1901 Nikola Tesla designed and erected a unique electric magnifying tower known as Wardenclyffe on Long Island, New York as means to transmit free energy and communications without wires. It was based on a successful smaller model that was built in Colorado Springs. Sir T elaborated on some of the potential uses of the invention and if indeed it would be desirable or needed in today’s world, and corrects some common misconceptions about the reason for the tower’s ultimate demise.

Nikola Tesla – Wardenclyffe Tower



While studying electrical discharges high above thunderstorm clouds, details are being discovered on how water and air are created on our planet. This week we learned about phenomenon called “sprites” and how they may relate to the basic workings of our environment.

New Energy Discovery, Dark energy/ antihydrogen fusion made earths biosphere 




Guest: Brother Macht – unable to join live tonight



Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: How did Sir T get his title?

Q: Has Sir T heard of the Agharta Network or a city called Telos, and if so, has he been there?

C: des·per·a·tion /ˌdespəˈrāSHən/nounnoun: desperation1. a state of despair, typically one that results in rash or extreme behavior.    Desperate for the newest technology is a dangerous behavior.    Right on brother Tim M!

C: Regarding supporting the ministry: Not everyone may have the money handy to give, but there are other ways to support such as prayer and volunteering.  Even just tuning into the show and chatting helps the ministry.  I am encouraged by everyone here.
Q: I have been looking into “Forgiveness” of the God Kind…..I have been and still am having trouble with forgiveness…I am finding that I have to forgive these same people again and again every day………. Like love I believe that is is a second by second decision to both Love and Forgive ……….Is this the start of the God kind of love and Forgiveness? I know that I keep coming to God and ask for His Forgiveness…………?

Q: I heard that Borax neutralizes radiation in the this true?

C: Regarding Bro Pat’s questions:  Forgiveness can be the hardest thing to do- but- the more I got to know God- who He is- His character…it became easier….plus, I don’t want to get sick. This scripture has helped me a lot: 1Peter 2:23, read it, and meditate on it

C:  I had to stop listening to Alex Jones- it was a huge distraction for me- instead I concentrate on the Word of God, because that is what will give you strength.

C:  “prove all things, hold fast to that which is good” – Thessalonians

C: stomach is bothering me. please say a pray my friends. going to lay down. good night …(for whole body healing too)

C: in Deuteronomy: Study it- Do you want Blessing or Cursing…the choice is yours..we are to pray for our leaders..(what to think of this in light of what we know about “the leaders”)

Q: Regarding praying for our leaders: which leaders do we pray for?  The real ones or fake ones?  Our religious leaders?  Which leaders?

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