Sir Timothy shares on the topic “The Sons of God, Pt 2”, differences between faith and hope, and he shared a recent miraculous healing from deafness of a person he prayed for.  We devoted some more time to expanding on the reasons for the necessity for a factory in order to make quantum energy powered systems widespread for mankind, and also shared a warning to people trying to build any type of quantum power machines without sound counsel and guidance.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Sons of God”

Well worth listening to and taking notes!

What are the differences between faith and hope and love?



Technology & World Highlight:

Fix The World organization has been making progress with their QEG (quantum energy generator) project. Although the machine is capable of producing significant electrical power without a conventional fuel source, there are safety considerations that builders may not be aware of.  Energy being derived with these types of devices is not only electrons like most engineers are familiar, but include other particles and fields not commonly taught in conventional electrical theory.  In addition to high voltages being generated, dominant energy systems can manifest large quantum energy pulses showing up at a distance which could cause fires or harm electronic equipment.  WITTS Ministries advises experimenters to exercise extreme caution and urges serious engineers to consider taking a few classes before working at significant power levels.  Sir T will have more information on this week’s broadcast.


We discussed More on the factory and why it’s needed.


As mentioned during a previous week, tonight we’ll have pictures of a high horsepower motor designed and built by the WITTS engineers. As previously stated, this device put out well over 500 HP and required very little input power. This has never been seen publicly and tonight Sir T will give us more details on its capabilities.


Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…



We often discuss chemtrails and what we can do to help clean up the problem. According to this video there is a new type of chemical warfare being waged against us… Chem bombs. This new menace was recently seen near San Diego exploding over a densely populated area.




Guest: Brother Skip Hughes

Tech industry entrepreneur, Brother Skip Hughes returns this week as our guest. We ran out of time during his last visit discussing miracles in his life and some interesting technology he’d been working on. This week he’ll share some remarkable accounts of angels in action.



Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: Sir T, do you have any pics of that flying bike? I would love to see a video of it in action.
C: From my experience, when you go somewhere just to meet with God, He is more likely to not only show up but to do heavenly stuff too.
Q: Sir T, you have said that you like distilled water. The machine that you have created at WITTS that produces water from the air must make water that is essentially like distilled water, right?
Q: 100KW in an hand held device? (Doesn’t this require superconducting wire?) Were do we get the superconducting wire?
Q: Would you please teach on TRUE and God like Forgiveness…..True Forgiveness we can “Use” with our brothers and Sisters?Q: WITTS has a water machine??? How can one get it?Q: Can you provide a list of recommended reading to learn more about the quantum field and the different kinds of energy?Q: Bro Skip, what did the angels look like?

C: (Testimony) I just had a chem trail vanish from our skies. On my way home from work this evening I spotted two jets in the sky. One had a very short exhaust trail I guess, but this other jet left a very long trail that just hung there. I asked God if that long trail is full of chemical and that if it is in Jesus name I command the chemical to be neutralized or the engines to fail.  About 30 seconds later I looked up again and the huge (10x’s bigger) trail had shortened down to the size like the other jet. God is so good! It was amazing. First time I’ve ever seen a chem trail vanish like that.

Q: Have you worked with the Aviso technologies in the Phillipines

C: When my mom passed, I did not see angels in the room, but I saw the amazement in my mom’s eyes, and I felt the comfort of heaven. Her eyes were following what must have been an angel and the angel stopped when in line with my face; then she broke free and left.

C: Skip…….Thank you so so much……I am having trouble with this and you have help me to know that Forgiveness is a on going process……….like love is second by second decision every day . thank you again

C: Pray for my daughter who just broke her tooth is in great pain right now……Please pray for divine healing for her as a witness to God POWER to Her and my family around her right


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