Sir Timothy shares on the topic “To as many as received HIM, to those he gave the power to become sons of God!”.  Our guest Brother Robert Holsem shared part of his personal quest to find better health, and offered many links of supporting information.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “To as many as received HIM, to those he gave the power to become sons of God! – John 1:12”

Listen and take notes!

Pray in faith several times a day: Ask once, and then THANK God that he’s already provided the provision.  It’s done already in the Spiritual, and is manifesting in the physical.

Then Bind the devil from holding back anything Good from Humanity and God’s kids.





Technology & World Highlight:

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include:

In France during the 1960’s and 1970’s, Antoine Priore built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness. In hundreds and hundreds of rigorous tests with laboratory animals, Priore’s machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal, fatal diseases known today. A team of scientists has recently been studying the research documentation left behind and have developed a new understanding of the workings of the machines. Sir T has had direct involvement with replicating the technology years ago and will relate his insights of how it worked and why we don’t have it today.

MAP Priore Regeneration Technology 


In past programs we’ve seen centripetal/centrifugal devices that are able to be configured into motors and inertial drive systems. This video describes a computer simulation of these forces and how it can be seen as a magnifier of a smaller energy input.

Free Energy Centrifugal Force Converter


A blast from the past, physics demonstrations by professor Julius Sumner Miller from 1969. This segment demonstrates various ways of experiencing centrifugal force.

Dramatic demonstrations in Physics by Prof Julius Sumner Miller





Guest: Brother Robert Holsem – “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

Robert Holsem join us and speak on, “The good, the bad and the ugly. You can/can’t hide your lying eyes.”

We’ll discuss what individuals and organizations are doing to affect change for the good contrasted with the faulty practices of other groups.

Brother Holsem recommends several websites and people as resources:

People who have discovered some truth in different areas of health, contrasted with
conventional power structures.

Health – food  Val Archer was one of the first websites on the internet promoting living food.    Non -vegetarian, but knowledgeable about healthy food.     Hallelujah acres is a christian organization with a scientific and biblical proven diet.  Extensive information and resources      The foremost natural health institute in the states, founded by Ann Wigmore.  Her books are available at libraries.’ Life force’ is a book by the current president.

Health – water

Hallelujah acres, cited above , has done research on water.     one of the first to promote purified water. My first experiment soaked seeds.  The seeds sprouted in this water were twice as big as the controls.    science based water research and products.   Many patents.  One of the first to outline true objective measures of health. Very technical.    science based. Developer of lower cost consumer technology for water and other applications.            water research that is unique and tested

Health – information  largest natural health website with articles and videos on all subjects    excellent health information and commentary   free ebook on oral hydrogen peroxide use is very good better than information you can buy.       health appliances such as water ozonater. reputable.

Health – environment   one of the non toxic cleaning products heroes   thought and action leaders against gmos, cafos    providing real , non terminator, non gmo, seeds        best information, most experienced and most credible orgonite products.  I have bought cones for my brother- clears the air.







Some Questions & Comments From the Show:


C: Wonderful to hear the offer of salvation explained and expanded on! It always sounds just too good to be true! and yet it is true and real! Great and wonderful God!!! The goodness of God draws us to salvation…
C: I love the lesson scripture John 1:1-14.
Q: Do you think it would be okay with God to use the Priore Machine to live for a really long time? (500-1000+ years)

Q: Does the light produced in water cavitation actually the creation of plasma?
Q: Do you attribute finding Greg of the Priori experiments to God arranging this? Is it like when we draw close and press into God, he takes us to the really amazing zoe life?
Q: Back in the mid 70s I was awoken from bed one evening during a lightening storm by a ball of light cracking and snapping light like it was made of electricity. If I remember correctly I believe it came out of the TV. And the next day i noticed the TV antenna had been burnt. Do you have any idea what that might have been?

Q: what would you say is the realtionship between the regenerative field of the Priore machine and sin?
Q: Are these super rich globalists human? or are they Nephilim or serpent seed?
C: Speaking of Chlorine and Fluoride: The thyroid needs Iodine to function properly. The thyroid is a regulator for the functions of the body -primarily energy management. The nerve receptors around it use and interact with iodine. Iodine is in the group of elements called “hallides” in this same group is Chlorine, Fluoride, Bromide. Chlorine is in water, PVC plastics, swimming pools etc., Fluoride water, tooth paste, teflon etc, BROMIDE is what is used to bleach flour. Whenever we consume bread, we are being dosed with bromide. All these compete with Iodine for the receptors around the thyroid. Is it no wonder so many people are having their thyroids failing?
C: (Speaking of staying away from yeast) Yeah Sir T and Bro Holsem, we should have no Fungus Amongst us….

C: I agree with oxygen deficiency exactly bro martin right on the money
Q: I thought I read somewhere that oxygen is the reason for cell deterioration over time and the reason for aging. (What about this?)
C: When living in Malaysa, I was one of four people standing in a circle in my lounge room when ‘Ball Lighting denternate in the middle of us and then bounced down the street bouncing of cars and fences post melting the tops of fences and cars
Q: Question….SIR T…are these super rich globalists human? or are they Nephilim or serpent seed? (What are they?)
C: “Q Tape” cuts off or balances bad electricall currents in the home, car, etc It is a small strip used balances thepower in most places.
C: Yes Sir T. We must become alert and assume our authority as Jesus taught His followers to do, in the gospels.

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