Sir Timothy teaches on “God, and HIS Kingdom – The Greatest Reality Of All!” and Brother Pat from Australia shared some recent experiences in exercising Christian Authority!


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – God, and HIS Kingdom – The Greatest Reality Of All!

There is a reality that is available to every man, yet few men ever realize it. It is greater than wealth, greater than power!

Greater than any fantasy, greater than any science fiction.  Learn how to access that in your life!


A few notes:

Jn 14:23

The greater reality around us we can’t see – the one we’re in is SOME type of illusion!












Technology & World Highlight:


“Antigravity” Method 15b of 15 Photonic Mechanical and Electromagnetic wave conversion propulsion

We’ve got an interesting video on propulsion and wireless power transmission. WITTS has demonstrated technologies such as this and those even more advanced.  Sir T will relate his insights into how these devices work.


Angels Help Man Crushed By 10,000 lbs Truck

An amazing account of Angels helping a man crushed by a 10,000 pound truck and living to tell about it. This story tells of numerous miracles manifest during his recovery. Bruce wrote a book called “Saved by Angels”, but one of the key turning points was when a man came into his hospital room and prayed for him. He felt a feeling like 220v running into his head down to his intestines and movement in them. After that he started gaining weight again!













SirT also told one incredible story about Ron Brandt – the 6th spokesman for the ministry – after Nikola Tesla.


SirT says: We should see at least a miracle every day or you better get right with God. You should see several every day! God’s not dead!

Remember: GREATER things shall YOU DO!

And, that’s what Jesus came to do! That’s why WE are still HERE!

WE shouldn’t be afraid of evil. We ARE CHILDREN OF God!



Right before the end, brother Martin listed a couple books on the topic of radionics that he found very helpful.













Guest: Brother Pat from Australia – Exercising Authority in Christ

Brother Pat shared about exercising his authority in Christ on the world around him, to make the world better.
















Some Questions & Comments From the Show:














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