Sir Timothy teaches on “God, and HIS Kingdom – The Greatest Reality Of All!”


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – God, and HIS Kingdom – The Greatest Reality Of All!

There is a reality that is available to every man, yet few men ever realize it.  It is greater than wealth, greater than power!

Greater than any fantasy, greater than any science fiction.  Learn how to access that in your life!


A few notes:


Also discussed – found Atlantis!

Jn 1:1

sirT got rid of his glasses when he was 33yrs old. Doesn’t need em anymore.

Heb 11:1

There’s a greater reality here if we by faith reach out and touch it.










Technology & World Highlight:
Another possible discovery: one mile due west of the peak of the Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun. The largest sign (could it be the name of the ancient city?) ever discovered, anywhere. The letters of the word appear to be approximately one mile long, from top to bottom. There appears to be five or six letters, each letter approximately 800 feet wide (left to right.)

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“Antigravity” Method 15a of 15, Photonic or Solar Derived Mechanical Pressure Propulsion Group VIIA

We’ll be looking at alternative ways to create “antigravity” and propulsion. Two will be highlighted on this week’s broadcast.


Sir T gave us his experienced perspectives on different approaches to these long awaited technologies.























Guest: None this week

















Some Questions & Comments From the Show:














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