Brother Kyle teaches on “Live and Let Live through Christ Who Strengthens Us” and Brother Jim Libbey shares some facts he’s learned about Nibiru.


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Teaching: Brother Kyle Smith – Live and Let Live through Christ Who Strengthens Us

There is a reality that is available to every man, yet few men ever realize it. It is greater than wealth, greater than power!

Greater than any fantasy, greater than any science fiction. Learn how to access that in your life!


A few notes:

Today is the day to forgive those who have sinned (done you wrong in some way) against you. Forgiveness sets you free from the chains of bitterness. Forgiveness also sets those who have done you wrong free. With a world of sin around us, this topic could be one of the most important we let penetrate our spirit. Brother Kyle also has a really great story to present this week!


Matthew West – Forgiveness (Lyrics)


Matthew West – Story Behind the Song “Forgiveness”







SirT told an Amazing testimony of a motorcycle rider in an accident, swollen head – swollen the size of 2 heads. Some of the WITTS team agreed in prayer for his healing and this morning he woke up








Technology & World Highlight:


27 Year Secret Project Goes Public January 2013 – ISA – Solid Mass Centrifugal Propulsion System

An ingenious propulsion/drive system that utilizes inertia to generate thrust in a given direction. WITTS engineers developed many of these devices during past decades and this week’s video clip reveals the principles on how they work. Sir T will add to this his experience working on similar machines.











Guest: Brother Jim Libbey – Nibiru

Brother Jim Libbey presented some information on the planet (or object) Nibiru. It can be difficult to sort out what exactly this subject entails. There has been much written about it and astronomers have been studying the signs, but what does it all mean? Brother Libbey will shed some light on this subject! And has a video he shared of an interview with a scientist on why they believe Nibiru could be coming.

Binary Orbit of Planet X Nibiru
















Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: Speaking of forgiveness, I had an employee who would complain about other people while we were working together. In other words, he was vocalizing his unforgiveness for others most all the time.  Since I was in the practice of forgiving him for many mistakes and costly errors, my anger would well up against him for his unforgiveness of others. I think this is how God’s anger wells up against us when we grumble in our hearts about the wrongdoing of others. But we are fortunate because God is also the master of all forgiveness.

C: Mark 11:26 (KJV)But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

Q: What do you know about 4 blood moons that will be this spring and fall and 2015 spring and fall, 4 in a row and on high holiday, on Jewish Passover and Feast of Tabernacles for both years 2014 and 2015?

C: If you can not forgive something GOD have forgiven, you are acting more righteous than GOD.

C: pray for your enemies.  If we do not forgive we also will not be forgiven and will have to pay for our sins in full.

C: Forgiveness can only be done in Love. The bible says Love is the greatest thing we can walk in.

C: Back in college had an idea for a mechanical unidirectional propulsion machine like this.. I abandoned it because I thought I was just foolish for imagining I could think I could make something so amazing. I thought I had it wrong. God must have been giving me the idea but the enemy convinced me to write it off and consider myself a fool.

Q: Is the Earth and the Moon bi-planetary?

Q: the ancient star-gate: fact or fiction?

Q: what is the difference between Planet x, Nibiru, Ison etc. etc.?

Q: According to Revelation 6:12, the sun will be turned black like sackcloth. What do you think will happen to cause this? How do you imagine this happening? Will the sun just stop like the dark slice that showed up in the past couple years, except that it will be the whole thing this time??

Q: The inertia propulsion device is a drivetrain and and engine in one is that correct?






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