Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “The Power of His Word” and our guest Brother “Max” who has been a guest before, shares more of his amazing parables and life-lessons he has experienced.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – The Power of His Word

Some Notes & Scriptures from the Teaching: Heb 4:12

God is SO Beautiful!

His word so powerful!

His word changes things! For the better!





Technology & World Highlight:


A word of encouragement: Stand up for freedom! We can choose to live in abundance!




Our so called “representatives” often take their direction from other interests that are not always our own.  Hillary Clinton is not bashful in admitting it.

Clinton Admits United States Controlled by the CFR:



Some of the most amazing ancient archaeological evidence ever unearthed in USA! This will blow your mind!

North American rare unknown ancient artifacts
(Last 10 minutes)




There has been an extra terrestrial satellite orbiting earth for thousands of years. The first one to pick up its signal was our 4th Spokesman, brother Nikola Tesla in the 1890s! The signals emanating from this are saying many things, but one common repeating set of signals identify itself as being from the constellation we call Bootes.

Feel free to ask Sir T about his classified work regarding this satellite.  (On earth this satellite is commonly called the Black Knight.)

In addition to these videos, Sir T showed a simple model of a unipolar (Faraday) generator.  You can build this at home if you like.

Just one more technology that God, thru the ministry, has been giving away to you (and to all humanity) for 200 years!


Also, we had a brother call in from Europe who has duplicated both the hemisphere water heater and the 3000 watt self-running generator, from the classes that we teach. (See gifts page, near bottom of page to get your classes)





Guest: Brother Max – More Parables and Life-Lessons from God!

Our brother with the anointing of the apostle John.

Brother Max has probably had more life parables, life lessons, from God, then anyone we have ever met.








Some Questions & Comments From the Show:




C: Halleluyah! I’ve seen the need at times to clear out unclean spirits to get results for healing and sometimes unforgiveness as well as unbelief for believers and to confess sin and turn from sin…

C: 1 Corinthians 11:30 For if you eat the bread or drink the cup without honoring the body of Christ, you are eating and drinking God’s judgment upon yourself. ….That is why many of you are weak and sick and some have even died.

C: Was working outside today, spotting and rebuking chem trails. Noticed immediate results with the planes stopped spraying. I finally prayed to the Father to just clear out the whole sky in my view. For the rest of the afternoon the sky stayed clear till evening when the chem trails blew in from the south.

C: I see unbelievers healed with no faith to be healed when I am preaching the word as well. Because Yahweh backs up his word with power. Math 10;1 Luke 10:

C: When I was fasting, I would be hungry until I read the bible and my hunger would leave and I felt nourished by the time I finished the scripture I was reading. I did this all day for 2 days straight and I never felt really hungry the entire time because of the nourishment I received from the word

C: As greed creates scarcity, generosity creates abundance and great wealth.

C: If we are “In Christ”, HE is our Righteousness… that’s the only way we can approach the Father \O/. God no longer sees us dressed in our un-righteousness, but only in the PURE cloak of CHRIST, himself.

Q: Is there is a technological solution for the Fukushima crisis?

C: God bless you all! Praise the LORD in all times & in all things. He can Bring good for His people as we look to Him in faith & patience.








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