It was beginning of October or end of September on a Wed. night watching the live show for WITTS a brother had made the comment in the chat  about stopping the rain but where I live we needed rain bad so I said, “do not stop the rain we need the rain.” so that started many brothers and some sisters in the chat to start praying and declaring rain in my area.
At the end of the show Sir T also prayed for rain for me and we all took authority over the weather in my area. I was kinda excited because I had a feeling with so many of Gods people praying it would happen. Sir T right after the prayer said,”Give us a report Bro Eric.”  So I am. All the sudden next morning the sky was covered in clouds. I smiled and thought, I am just waiting for it to manifest. and praise God it rained for 24 hours straight. The longest non stop rain we had gotten in a long while!
 I am thankful for for what God is waiting to do if we just ask and claim it. I am thankful for prayers and WITTS and the good people that I get to chat with God bless.
Your brother in Christ,
Eric Pelkey