Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “How to Wield the Power of God in Your Daily Life” and our guest Brother “Max” who has been a guest before, shares more of his amazing discoveries about the uniqueness and importance of correct tuning in music.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – How to Wield the Power of God in Your Daily Life

Some Notes & Scriptures from the Teaching: Heb 4:12

Sir T teaches on how to wield the power of God in your daily life.

Is God still “YHWH of Heavenly Armies” as the Old Testament called Him?  Does He still fight our battles for us?  How do we get in on that blessing?  What must we do?

As you know from past programs, the dark side has announced their “Silent War” to kill all human’s except themselves. So, since we are in this war, how should Christians fight it?  What does God’s word say?

How do we stop the chemical weapons when they are sprayed on us?  Or the radiations and other pollutions released more and more each day? And the Genetically Modified Foods… what do we do about that? How do we fight it? These questions and more are addressed.





Technology & World Highlight:

FEMA Ad Council Commercial “The Day Before”

FEMA has been advertising. The big question is… what are they promoting?



set the captives freeDelivered from the Powers of Darkness (Witch Doctor Emmanuel Eni Amos)

Delivered from the powers of darkness.  An amazing testimony of how Jesus reaches out even to the most evil to save their souls!  And an important schooling on how the devil and his minions snare people and get them to work for him using fear, intimidation, threats of death, and anything else they can do.



MUST SEE Government Secrets – Part 1


Also Highly recommended: Listen to this Additional testimony from another witchdoctor – Bishop Kanco – who wrote the amazing book “The Witch Doctor and the Man” – is interviewed by a well-qualified interviewer, Zeph Daniel:







Guest: Brother Max – Songs, Music, Tuning, The Love Frequency

Our brother with the anointing of the apostle John.

Brother Max has probably had more life parables, life lessons, from God, then anyone we have ever met.

Max wrote a song for us and played it on the show.

C – 528Hz is uptune  Max did his music in.  It’s 16 cents above the standard.  Use your EAR as your guide. Not a CD or video.

C – 523Hz is standard








Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

Q: Is it possible to use Dominant Energy for communication that cant be interfered with by the dark side?
Q: What’s your thoughts on telepathy? (not channeling) Have you ever experienced it?
C: With the Blessings from God comes hugh responsible in how we use the authority That God has given ALL OF US (His children)
C: We sit at the right hand of God with Jesus who, as head of the church, passed on ALL of the Authority on earth to (us to) be the vessels of God Power.         >>>> He, Jesus, is placing a LOT of trust in us to ACT in his place. We don’t have the power that is Gods we have the Authority over all the powers and kings on earth, but we in the west have been brain washed to think that it is up to God to fix and that is not what the bible says He wants Us to Act in His Power by calling the power of God. The Hardest part for us is to BELIEVE we have the authority of God to use it
C: speaking of Hammers, I have this hammer.  It is a common hammer from Home Depot but it is amazing.  It seems to be amazingly effective -at demolition especially.  I think it has something to do with the fact that it has a high pitch ring/resonance.  I think that makes it hit with more force than can be credited to its mass alone.  I have been using hammers for decades and this one is remarkable.
C: Regarding Brother Max’s music:  I’ve never heard anything like this.  I hope we can get a link to download it.
Q: I saw a youtube video of a guy making a pyramid with stuff inside. copper pipes and stuff. He is asking people for money saying he had a dream/vision on how to build a device to give the ability of telepathy with beings from other planets? have you heard or seen this? is that guy crazy or is it possible?
Q: I saw a Youtube video where small items were being levitated by using frequencies. Is that possible and if so, how can we create those frequencies on our own?
Q: VERY important point… don’t “play around” with the devil. KNOW your authority, and BE BOLD, and KNOW that CHRIST’S power is against them.
Q: the only visions I have had are during music. does praise music trigger that? is it science? God science?
C: thank you! I believe that we need to stand together and encourage each other as some of us are out on our own and still trying to come to terms with our teachings from our youth. It is hard to unlearn the wrong teachings we were exposed to
C: Regarding Brother Max’s music:   tom_tait_calif_witts: I’m going to get the cd.C: 528HZ = LOVE FREQUENCYC: 528 HZ is supposed to heal dna, Healing frequencyC: Coral castle was built using frequenciesC: What Tesla did that was awesome is unlock (the knowledge)  how to create devices that when they ran they would (also) heal the earth or you body.Q:  Last week at the end of the show Sir T mentioned that spinning a powerful neodymium magnet at a high rpm can create propulsion.  How sophisticated is something like that?  Is there any video’s out there to demonstrate that? » it sounded to easy.C: I’m so glad to hear that BrotherT doesn’t think telepathy is evil! 









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